Miguel Petrosky

Communications Manager

Phone: 202.544.4226
Email: [email protected]

Miguel Petrosky is the communications manager at BJC. He leads key aspects of the organization’s day-to-day communications needs, including BJC’s digital communications channels. He also helps envision and execute long-term strategic communications projects. 

Prior to coming to BJC, Petrosky worked as a freelance writer, and he was a Communications Associate and Fellow with Sojourners, an ecumenical Christian magazine and advocacy organization that works on social justice issues. Previously, Petrosky served for two years in the Young Adult Volunteer (YAV) Program with the Presbyterian Church (USA), teaching adult education in New Orleans, Louisiana, and a 6th grade class in Lusaka, Zambia. A published essayist, writer and journalist, Petrosky’s work has appeared in Sojourners, Christianity Today, Religion & Politics and The Revealer

Petrosky earned his bachelor’s degree in government from William & Mary. A born-and-bred Appalachian Virginian from Hot Springs, Virginia, he currently lives in Washington, D.C.