States map 2015 for blog Written by Don Byrd

Many state legislatures are back in session this month and that means the usual influx of religion-related bills, including some efforts to enact or amend state Religious Freedom Restoration Acts (RFRA). In 2015, I created a page to track the many state RFRA proposals around the country. Some of those proposals are still alive this year, and other states legislators are preparing to offer new RFRA-related bills. 

You can keep up with the status and language of current RFRA bills at the State RFRA Tracker. (To view an archive of last year’s state RFRA developments, see the 2015 State RFRA Tracker Archive.)

Today, for example, brings news that West Virginia lawmakers, are determined to pass a RFRA bill introduced last year, despite a veto threat from the Governor. The 2015 legislative session in West Virginia ended without a RFRA bill passing either the House or Senate. Advocates are apparently preparing a push to pass one this year.

In New Mexico, however, a proposal to amend the state’s RFRA (see earlier post) has been declared “dead on arrival” because the Governor declined to include the measure in her agenda, which is required for the current 30-day session.

You can read more details about the RFRA legislation in New Mexico and West Virginia, as well as see the other states considering RFRA-related legislation at the State RFRA Tracker, which will be updated regularly to reflect new developments.

As you learn of RFRA legislation in your state that is not reflected in the State RFRA Tracker, let me know! Send me a note on Twitter (@BJCBlog) or email (don.byrd – at –