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BJC: States should not have to fund religious schools

BJC: States should not have to fund religious schools

BJC’s friend-of-the-court brief in Espinoza v. Montana Department of Revenue explains that avoiding government funding of religion is a key protection for religious liberty. “This special treatment of religion stems from our country’s deep and abiding commitment to religious liberty for all,” said BJC General Counsel Holly Hollman.

BJC: Cross display heard by SCOTUS is unconstitutional 

“The cross matters to us as Christians. It has a powerful, specific meaning that is central to our faith. Non-Christians also recognize the specific meaning of the cross, which is why we stand with them in saying no, the cross is not a universal symbol of sacrifice.”

Baptist group ‘deeply disappointed’ by travel ban ruling

In giving such broad deference to President Trump, the Court neglects its duty to uphold our First Amendment principles of religious liberty. Safeguarding religious liberty requires the government to remain neutral with regard to religion, neither favoring one religion over another nor preferring religion or irreligion.