Christians Against

Christian Nationalism

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The threat of Christian nationalism is not new. But this movement, which promotes the idea that to be a real American you must be Christian, is growing with a dangerous intensity. It’s not only behind the push for bills that advance a revisionist historical view of the United States and promote government-sponsored religious exercise; it also has inspired religious hate crimes, arson and deadly attacks on houses of worship. The same thing is happening abroad.

There’s no time to waste. We need a strong response from the Christian community. We must loudly denounce Christian nationalism as a distortion of our faith and a divisive force in our country — one that poses a threat to religious freedom for all.


If you agree, sign the statement and join Christians from all denominations to take a powerful stand.

Podcast series: The dangers of Christian nationalism

For 10 weeks, the BJC Podcast is exploring Christian nationalism. Learn more about what it is, how it appears in our culture and what Christians are doing to speak out against it.

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