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Federal court invalidates new HHS rule offering conscience protections for health care providers

A new rule issued by the Trump administration, which grants broad conscience protections to medical institutions and personnel who object to providing certain medical services on religious or moral grounds, has been vacated by a federal judge in New York.
Execution of Buddhist inmate in Texas halted again over flaws in revised chaplain policy

Execution of Buddhist inmate in Texas halted again over flaws in revised chaplain policy

A federal judge again halted Patrick Murphy's execution, saying the new Texas chaplain policy still fails constitutional scrutiny because it treats inmates of minority faiths differently than those of other faiths
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You are the reason BJC has been able to make such great strides this year. First of all, thank you. You’ve joined impactful campaigns, such as Christians Against Christian Nationalism, and listened to and shared our 10-part podcast series of thoughtful conversations with experts and leaders on the topic. Your generous support has enabled us to continue to make a difference with our legal advocacy in the U.S. Supreme Court and to train and equip individuals to meet with their elected officials. Your previous involvement made possible a whole new website and look that is attracting newcomers like never before. But there’s so much more to do. We are living in turbulent times for religious liberty. Let’s keep the momentum going. We all share a similar passion, and yet each of you has something unique to offer—whether it’s advocating to your member of Congress, sharing messages on social media, working with the staff as a BJC Intern, leading as a BJC Fellow, signing a statement, or making all these things happen by supporting our mission with your generous financial donations. With our long history as Baptist freedom fighters, we can equip you to take action in new and different ways.


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