Meet the members of BJC’s staff, working out of our headquarters on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C., and across the country.

Amanda Tyler
Executive Director

Holly Hollman
General Counsel and Associate Executive Director

Janna Louie
Chief of Staff

Sabrina Dent
Director of the BJC Center for Faith, Justice and Reconciliation

Guthrie Graves-Fitzsimmons
Communications Director

Cherilyn Crowe Guy
Content Strategy Director

Brent Walker
Interim Director of Development and Executive Director Emeritus

Danielle Tyler
Associate Director of Development

Karlee Marshall
Communications Manager

Lisa Jacob
North Texas Organizer, Christians Against Christian Nationalism

Julia Bradley
Donor Database Coordinator

Ana Roché
Executive Assistant

Georgia McKee
Digital Communications Associate

Devin Withrow
Operations Assistant

Jaziah Masters
Research Fellow

Jennifer Hawks
Of Counsel

Don Byrd
Researcher and Writer

Ashleigh Hampson
Summer Semester Intern

Reagan Williams
Summer Semester Intern

Perlei Toor
Summer Semester Intern

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Board of

BJC is supported by several Baptist organizations in the United States, and our board of directors is composed of representatives from each of those denominational groups. BJC is also supported by thousands of churches and individuals across the country.