Come join us! We need your help in guarding the constitutional protection of religious liberty for all people.

BJC works with Congress and the courts, but it will take all of us to successfully stand up for this freedom. We’ve got tools, trainings, and resources to show you how to use your voice powerfully — whether it’s engaging on social media, signing a letter to Congress, reaching out to lawmakers or taking action in your community. We’re in this together.

Take Action

Four ways to raise your voice

Join us in rejecting the damaging political ideology of “Christian nationalism,” which implies that to be a good American, you must be a good Christian. Conflating religious authority with political authority approaches idolatry, distorts our faith and can justify oppression of minority groups.

On July 22, 2020, the U.S. House of Representatives passed the bipartisan NO BAN Act, which would repeal President Trump’s travel ban and add religion as a protected category in the Immigration and Nationality Act. The bill now heads to the U.S. Senate. On the day it passed the House, BJC Execuitve Director Amanda Tyler said that “standing up to immigration policy rooted in bias against a religious group is a moral and constitutional necessity.”

BJC supports the NO BAN Act as one way to fight against the anti-Muslim bigotry the travel ban represents and perpetuates. BJC has been an outspoken critic of the travel ban since it began in 2017 when President Trump banned migration from seven majority-Muslim countries, temporarily shut down refugee resettlement and sought to prioritize Christian refugees.

Support religious freedom by calling for the global repeal of blasphemy and apostasy laws, which stifle religious expression and undermine human rights. Contact your members of Congress and ask them to co-sponsor the bipartisan H.Res. 512 and S.Res. 458. Those resolutions call for the State Department and the administration to prioritize the repeal of such laws in foreign policy. Read our testimony to Congress.

Contact BJC’s Jaziah Masters to let us know how it went or if you have any questions.

Learn why it’s so important to keep the protections of the Johnson Amendment for all houses of worship, and add your voice by signing this letter.

Get Social

Join us on social media

Make a difference online! Your voice matters to your community and your member of Congress.  Use your favorite social media platform to talk about why religious liberty matters. Share your personal story, post photos of interfaith moments, write about the importance of religious diversity at school or get a conversation going about church-state issues in the news.  And, when you’re taking a stand, don’t forget to tag your elected officials.

Keep us in the loop by using our handle @BJConthehill #FaithFreedomForAll.

Search #BJCAdvocacy on Instagram and Twitter to see how people are making a difference. 


Tell us your religious liberty stories

In big and small ways, we see how religious liberty enriches our lives every day. Tell us what you see, and we may share your story on social media or in our magazine!

Thank you for joining us in fighting for a future that ensures religious liberty for all.