Report from the Capital

Report from the Capital

Listen to voices of Black faith freedom in this edition of Report from the Capital. We highlight a series of conversations hosted by Charles Watson Jr. and hear reactions from our community about the intersection of race and religious liberty. Consider new perspectives for congregations in a new book, learn about the legacies of Bayard Rustin and Prathia Hall, re-think “Religious Freedom Day,” and more. Plus, Amanda Tyler shares how religious liberty has been white too long, Holly Hollman looks at religious liberty and presidential transitions, and we share a webinar on combating Christian nationalism that was held in the wake of the January 6 insurrection.

BJC Executive Director Amanda Tyler says, “Before we white people speak, we need to listen.” Read her column, inspired and challenged by a quote from James Baldwin.

BJC General Counsel Holly Hollman says an administration should be ready for issues that are going to impact religious liberty, and shares three suggestions for the Biden administration. Read her column

BJC Director of Education Charles Watson Jr. hosted four conversations in February with Black leaders from a variety of backgrounds and faith traditions. Watch the discussions

The Rev. Jaimie Crumley shares how the Black Church represents a broad tapestry of faith, with contributions from a diversity of Black individuals. Read more

The Rev. Dr. Perry Hopper on how religious freedom manifested itself in his personal faith journey. Read more

Inspired by the story of Bayard Rustin, BJC’s Jaziah Masters talks about the next chapter of the Black Church being written. Read his column

Learn about the legacy of Prathia Hall — a civil rights activist, preacher, and professor — in this piece from the Rev. Dr. Courtney Pace, the author of Freedom Faith: The Womanist Vision of Prathia Hall. 

BJC’s Danielle Tyler talks about re-imagning BJC’s work at the intersection of racial justice and religious freedom and connecting with new generations. Read more

Christians Against Christian Nationalism logo with white letters against a dark red background

How can we respond when we see our faith and democracy under siege? Hear from Amanda Tyler, Dr. Andrew Whitehead, Bishop Elizabeth Eaton, and Bishop Michael Curry. 

BJC’s Carlton Gay talks about her experiences working at BJC and why she decided to support the organization each month. Read more


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