Report from the Capital

Report from the Capital

This magazine showcases some of the next generation of religious liberty advocates, including Eboo Patel’s call for a new kind of interfaith leadership during the 2020 Shurden Lectures. You will also read about BJC interns and BJC Fellows in action. Plus, BJC Executive Director Amanda Tyler discusses faith freedom and the coronavirus, BJC General Counsel Holly Hollman looks at some troubling proposed regulations from the government for faith-based service providers, and more.

Our daily lives are changing at a rapid pace, only eclipsed by the frightening speed with which the coronavirus is spreading. Amanda Tyler looks at how it impacts BJC’s work and how faith surfaces for many as the fundamental framework that gives overwhelming comfort and meaning to life. Read her column

Holly Hollman reviews proposed rules that would change the ways government-funded services are provided by non-governmental partners, noting they are “far-reaching, complex and severely flawed.”  Read her column

Eboo Patel reminded students that you don’t need doctrinal alignment to work together. He challenged and inspired them to think about how they can help people build bridges of cooperation during his presentations for the 2020 Shurden Lectures. Read more


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