Report from the Capital

Report from the Capital

It will take generations to dismantle Christian nationalism, but the time for action is now. In this magazine, we’re highlighting ways you can start to move the needle and take important steps. It includes Amanda Tyler’s look at how tragedies spur calls for change, the Rev. Dr. Jay Augustine’s illumination of Christian nationalism’s threat to democracy, Holly Hollman’s exploration of issues the Kennedy v. Bremerton case, and two researchers’ ideas on ways we can make a difference in standing against the threats posed by Christian nationalism.

BJC Executive Director Amanda Tyler says our love of neighbor includes a commitment to protect their rights of citizenship and belonging as equal to ours, regardless of what religion we practice or whether we are religious at all. Read her column.

In a column first published by Bloomberg Law, BJC General Counsel Holly Hollman explores the Kennedy v. Bremerton case and the importance of protecting students’ religious liberty rights. Read her column.

Serving as the executive minister of the Evergreen Association of Baptist Churches, the Rev. Doug Avilesbernal knows Kennedy v. Bremerton as a local case. We asked him to share about his passion and his experiences in the community.

The Rev. Dr. Jonathan C. “Jay” Augustine outlines threats to democracy and how you can make an impact. Read about his presentations for the 2022 Walter B. and Kay W. Shurden Lectures on Religious Liberty and Separation of Church and State.

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The authors of The Flag and the Cross share research and reactions to the dangers of white Christian nationalism. Read about the conversation between Dr. Philip Gorski, Dr. Samuel Perry and Amanda Tyler.


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