Report from the Capital

Report from the Capital

This edition highlights new ways BJC is working to defend and extend religious liberty for all, including launching the BJC Center for Faith, Justice and Reconciliation, giving testimony to Congress on the dangers of Christian nationalism, marking the second anniversary of the January 6 insurrection, and moving into the next phase of our Christians Against Christian Nationalism campaign. Plus, Amanda Tyler shares a memorable Religious Freedom Day and Holly Hollman previews the Supreme Court case of Groff v. DeJoy, which looks at religious accommodations for workers.

Amanda Tyler discusses a patriotic moment: Celebrating religious freedom day at a naturalization ceremony that reflected our nation’s diversity — both in religion and national origin. Read her column.

Holly Hollman previews the Supreme Court case of Groff v. DeJoy and the brief signed by BJC and other religious groups asking the Court to overturn Hardison and protect religious accomodations for workers. Read her column.

Christian nationalism undermines the Constitution, especially its prohibition against religious tests to hold public office, Tyler told the subcommittee in December 2022. Read about her testimony.

BJC’s acquisition of the Center deepens our commitment to issues at the intersection of race and religious freedom. Read about this new chapter for two organizations.

Millions of congregants were represented in a historic meeting of the leaders of our nation’s four major Black Baptist conventions, discussing collaboration to address issues facing African Americans across the country. Read more.

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BJC’s Jaziah Masters talks about the four priority areas where we can make the most difference as the Christians Against Christian Nationalism campaign moves into its next phase. Read his reflection.

Christians Against Christian Nationalism logo with white letters against a dark red background

Faith leaders gathered at dawn on January 6, 2023, two years after a violent attack on the Capitol and two weeks after the release of the highly-anticipated report from the Select Committee. Read more.

BJC’s Jennifer Hawks says that if we want to fight Christian nationalism, we should start with advocating for strong public schools whose curriculum reflects American history as it was, not as a small group imagines it to have been. Read her reflection.

Lt. Gregory Johnson explores the importance and the impact of the legacy of Nat Turner, even though Turner’s voice has been all but muted. Read his reflection.

Cassandra Lawrence is a member of BJC’s FaithFULL community of monthly donors who are passionate about religious freedom for all. Read about her work countering anti-Muslim discrimination and why she supports BJC.


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