Report from the Capital

Report from the Capital

In this issue, learn about our new advocacy trainings and hear how we are working to provide you the tools you need to make a difference. Plus, read about the impact of raising your voice from BJC Executive Director Amanda Tyler, explore the role of legal advocacy in BJC General Counsel Holly Hollman’s column, hear from Eboo Patel about what it means to explore a civic pluralism, learn about BJC’s brief in an upcoming Supreme Court case, and more.

Amanda Tyler discusses the importance of becoming a BJC advocate. The BJC team has conducted advocacy trainings in Washington and across the country for hundreds of individuals who are passionate about religious freedom. Read her column

Holly Hollman explains why fighting for religious freedom is so important to her, personally and professionally. Read her column

Holly Hollman explains the issues at hand in Espinoza v. Montana Department of Revenue. BJC filed a brief to defend the law’s distinctive treatment of religion, as the U.S. Supreme Court again considers what weight to give a state constitutional provision designed to prevent government funding of and interference in religion. Learn more

BJC Board Member Lynn Brinkley explains how she learned about advocacy, and to be an advocate for religious freedom with BJC. Learn more

Join BJC and other organizations in celebrating Public Schools Week 2020, to remind us of the important role our nation’s public schools play in our society and how religious liberty is protected for all students. Learn more

Learn to use the power of your voice in the community, with BJC advocacy training. Read about a series of trainings this past fall. Learn more


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