Report from the Capital

Report from the Capital

Learn about new horizons for BJC in this magazine, including the launch of the BJC Center for Faith, Justice and Reconciliation during our BJC Luncheon. Plus, Amanda Tyler shares about her move to Texas, Holly Hollman looks at the good news from the Supreme Court’s Groff v. DeJoy decision, we share reactions to other troubling Supreme Court decisions, chaplains call out the dangers of a new plan in Texas to add government-approved “chaplains” to public schools, and Dr. Catherine Brekus talks about the myth of American “chosenness” during our annual Walter B. and Kay W. Shurden Lecture.

Amanda Tyler shares about her move to Texas, a state that is a major flashpoint in the resurgence of Christian nationalism today. Read her column.

Holly Hollman examines the Groff v. DeJoy decision, which explains in clear terms how religion is privileged under a statute but not necessarily to the detriment of others. Read her column.

Six BJC leaders and the Rev. Dr. Adam L. Bond introduce the work of the BJC Center for Faith, Justice and Reconciliation and a new chapter for BJC during the 2023 BJC Luncheon.

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Read reactions to the decision striking down race-conscious admissions from the BJC Center for Faith, Justice and Reconciliation; the Progressive National Baptist Convention; the Alliance of Baptists; Wake Forest University School of Divinity; and more. 

Dr. Catherine Brekus and a thoughtful panel expose the detrimental impact of myths about the founding era during the 2023 Walter B. and Kay W. Shurden Lecture.

Get to know the ten young professionals who descended on Colonial Williamsburg in August to learn more about the historical, legal and theological underpinnings of religious liberty, kicking off their experience as BJC Fellows. 

The Texas Legislature attacked faith freedom by letting anyone who can pass a background check be called a “chaplain” and have access to children in the state’s public schools. Texas chaplains are leading the opposition to this misguided push.

2018 BJC Fellow Tanner Bean notes that the Respect for Marriage Actis the first federal law to recognize as decent, honorable and deserving of legal protection the view held by some Americans that marriage should be a one-man-one-woman union and the view of other Americans that marriage may be a union of two individuals of the same sex.”


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