Report from the Capital

Report from the Capital

As we continue a national conversation about racial justice, this edition focuses on the moral imperative to dismantle white supremacy from our society. BJC Executive Director Amanda Tyler discusses our work to do, Robert P. Jones and Adelle Banks have a national conversation on white supremacy and American Christianity, and BJC’s community discusses the importance of Juneteenth. Plus, we share Supreme Court decisions in a blockbuster term, including BJC General Counsel Holly Hollman’s analysis of the Espinoza decision.

BJC Executive Director Amanda Tyler looks at our season of reckoning and the need to reconstruct a theology on the side of the enslaved, the powerless — instead of what we see largely evidenced in American Christianity right now. Read her column

Reckoning with white supremacy in American Christianity

Researcher Robert P. Jones and journalist Adelle Banks discuss the challenges in reconciling a faith that was designed to be compatible with white supremacy during the annual BJC Luncheon. Read more.

Juneteenth and the promise of religous freedom

BJC Fellow Kathryn Freeman shares the history of Juneteenth why it’s a holiday for all of us. “[A]s the last of the formerly enslaved were freed from their bondage, they began making their way as perfecters of this union.” Read more.

BJC General Counsel Holly Hollman says that the seemingly simple holding by the Supreme Court in the Espinoza decision on school vouchers masks a more significant shift in the law. Read her column


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