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Holly Hollman provides an in-depth analysis of the Supreme Court splintered decision in the cross case.


defend religious liberty

Religious liberty for all will only be a reality when we revise any theology or ideology that renders some of our neighbors to be less than human.

defend religious liberty

Today, religious communities must lead by example to engage in civil dialogue and mediate deep differences of opinion and belief.


BJC issues public comment opposing proposed hiring discrimination rule

BJC issues public comment opposing proposed hiring discrimination rule

A proposed Labor Department rule that would allow federal contractors to discriminate in hiring for government-funded positions “is a harmful and unnecessary expansion of the existing religious exemption,” according to BJC in a public comment submitted in opposition earlier this week.
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Arizona Supreme Court sides with business owner in marriage services dispute

The Arizona Supreme Court ruled that under state free speech and religious freedom law, Phoenix is prohibited from enforcing a nondiscrimination ordinance against businesses refusing to create custom same-sex wedding invitations.
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Maryland county commission ends long-running suit over prayer policy with settlement

A judge approved a settlement reached between Maryland’s Carroll County Commission and plaintiffs challenging the constitutionality of the commission’s prayer policy.


What is the connection between the history of racism and Christian nationalism? On this podcast, Jemar Tisby shares a historical view of white Christian nationalism in America, including how conflations of politics, race and religion in our past continue to impact conversations today. The author of The Color of Compromise: The Truth about the American Church’s Complicity in Racism, Tisby discusses how American Christianity and racism have overlapped for more than 400 years, including examples across several centuries of history. Don’t miss this important conversation to better understand our country’s origins and how we can work together to dismantle the idea of white Christian nationalism.

What happens when bills influenced by Christian nationalism appear in state legislatures? Minnesota State Sen. John Marty discusses his experience standing against legislation from the “Project Blitz” playbook in this episode of our podcast series on Christian nationalism. He talks about how his Christian faith influences his work defending the rights of all people, and he shares stories about the pushback and accusations he received as he worked to make sure his faith isn’t used to crush others.

Join us for a 10-week podcast series on the dangers of Christian nationalism. Amanda Tyler speaks with researchers, journalists, theologians, historians, and others, including Walter Brueggemann, Sister Simone Campbell, Eboo Patel, Bishop Elizabeth Eaton, author Steven Green, Bill Leonard, and many more. Episodes release each Wednesday, starting July 31, 2019.


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Amanda Tyler: A Christian against Christian nationalism

BJC Executive Director Amanda Tyler shares the dangers she sees in Christian nationalism, a political ideology that seeks to merge American and Christian identities. Join her and Christians across the country in signing the statement calling out this issue at
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Christians Against Christian Nationalism

Join Christians across the country speaking out against #ChristianNationalism, which is a distortion of our faith and a divisive force in our country. Visit to read the statement and add your name.
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BJC Luncheon 2019: Lead the Conversation

At our luncheon, BJC unveiled our new brand and new way to talk about religious liberty in 2019. BJC Executive Director Amanda Tyler shares our re-energized look and introduces our new website. Featuring a speech by award-winning thought leader on culture and religion, Jonathan Merritt, author of Learning to Speak God from Scratch.
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Meet BJC

Meet BJC. We are attorneys, Capitol Hill insiders, ministers and scholars who work in the courts, with Congress and in the community to defend the First Amendment’s guarantee of religious freedom for every person, including those who don’t claim a faith tradition.