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Amanda Tyler says the NO BAN Act is a powerful and necessary repudiation of attempts to promote anti-Muslim discrimination.

defend religious liberty Amanda Tyler

Amanda Tyler on a troubling photo op with the president and a Bible, and why it so offended a collective conscience.

defend religious liberty

Amanda Tyler on the work of doing justice, loving mercy and walking humbly with our God (Micah 6:8), in solidarity with our brothers and sisters who are crying out for freedom.


California church holds worship services, defying court’s restraining order and public health restrictions

California church holds worship services, defying court’s restraining order and public health restrictions

The legal fight over holding worship services during the coronavirus pandemic intensified this week when Godspeak Calvary Chapel held indoor worship services Sunday.
Job Opening: Programs Assistant

Job Opening: Programs Assistant

BJC is hiring a programs assistant to work specifically to support BJC’s education and advocacy programs.
How churches can be advocates, not partisans, during election season

How churches can be advocates, not partisans, during election season

We can engage collectively on political issues while steering our churches clear of partisan politics during election season. A good starting place is educating ourselves on the rules for 501(c)(3) groups and what the Tax Code, which includes the Johnson Amendment, allows.


After President Trump publicly addressed the unrest following the killing of George Floyd, peaceful protesters were violently dispersed and the president posed for a photo holding a Bible in front of a church. This week, Amanda Tyler and Holly Hollman talk about the photo op and what it means in terms of religious liberty and Christian nationalism. They also review the most recent legal developments related to houses of worship and the coronavirus, including a late-night Supreme Court order and an unexplained change on the CDC’s guidance for houses of worship. In the third segment, Amanda and Holly answer listener questions and share important books for self-reflection and action to take a stand against systemic racial injustice.

Churches are facing a barrage of challenges as they navigate whether, when and how to resume in-person worship and other gatherings during the coronavirus pandemic. This week, Amanda and Holly explore what’s at stake for churches and how religious liberty fits into these nuanced conversations (28:30). They look at what makes religion unique in the reopening landscape and respond to articles about life in our current context. 

On this episode of Respecting Religion, Amanda Tyler and Holly Hollman discuss this week’s Supreme Court arguments in cases involving the ministerial exception, a First Amendment doctrine that makes Title VII and other employment discrimination protections inapplicable to certain employees of religious organizations. They explain what the doctrine means (5:33), what you need to know about the 2012 Hosanna-Tabor case that looms large in this term’s cases (3:55), and what to make of active questioning from the justices in this week’s oral arguments (17:20). They also comment on a related line of questioning about public schools that connects to other Supreme Court cases and areas of BJC’s work.

As religious communities deal with bans on mass gatherings, legal disputes are popping up across the country. What’s happening now, and what could we see more of when the country begins lifting restrictions? This week, Amanda Tyler and Holly Hollman examine the key issues in these lawsuits (starting at 12:45) and talk about how courts are ruling in the various cases, including drive-in church services (19:42). Plus, they share how they’re learning about other religious traditions as people of faith continue to respond to the coronavirus pandemic.


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BJC Advocacy Trainings: Make a difference

BJC offers advocacy trainings that equip individuals to be more effective advocates and talk to their lawmakers about religious liberty issues. Hear from participants in one of our events on Capitol Hill, and learn more at
Video cover showing the video podcast group Rabbi David Saperstein, Melissa Rogers, Holly Hollman, and Amanda Tyler

BJC Podcast video: Religious freedom, church-state law and Christian nationalism

In this episode of the BJC Podcast Executive Director Amanda Tyler is joined by Rabbi Ambassador David Saperstein, Melissa Rogers and BJC General Counsel Holly Hollman to look at the challenges to our constitutional commitment to religious liberty for all people.
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Amanda Tyler: A Christian against Christian nationalism

BJC Executive Director Amanda Tyler shares the dangers she sees in Christian nationalism, a political ideology that seeks to merge American and Christian identities. Join her and Christians across the country in signing the statement calling out this issue at
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Christians Against Christian Nationalism

Join Christians across the country speaking out against #ChristianNationalism, which is a distortion of our faith and a divisive force in our country. Visit to read the statement and add your name.