BJC resources

Resources on student expression, school vouchers, and making sure government does not restrict or endorse religion. 


For 400+ years, Baptists have advocated religious liberty for all people. Learn our history.


Your faith can compel you to fight for change and lobby the government. Political candidates do not check their religion at the door. Learn more about the rules and how you can be an advocate.



Click here for litanies, bulletin inserts, hymns, sermon examples and other resources for worship services.


Debunk myths of the separation of church and state, and learn how it protects liberty. 


There’s a difference between the government cooperating with faith-based organizations and funding religion. Know what’s appropriate and the dangers of favoring one religion over another.



The current tax code allows churches to speak out on issues of the day while also protecting them from politicization.  



Some of our most popular resources are available to print in Spanish.


These resources explain the basic principles of religious liberty and how the BJC works to defend and extend that freedom for all people.