Christian Nationalism

Christians Against Christian Nationalism:
Read and sign the statement online

What is Christian nationalism? (PDF)
1-page overview of the political ideology and how researchers measure it

Curriculum: Responding to Christian Nationalism
Hosted on the Christians Against Christian Nationalism website

Democracy and Faith Under Siege: Responding to Christian Nationalism
Webinar from January 2021, featuring The Most Rev. Michael Curry, The Rev. Elizabeth A. Eaton, Dr. Andrew L. Whitehead, and Amanda Tyler.

White Christian Nationalism: How Racism Undergirds Christian Nationalism
Webinar from July 2021, featuring Dr. Jemar Tisby, Dr. Robert P. Jones, and Amanda Tyler
Webinar discussion guide

January 6 a year later: Staying alert to Christian nationalism
By Amanda Tyler (January 6, 2022)

An attack done in Jesus’ name
By Amanda Tyler (January 8, 2021)

BJC statement on January 6
Released January 15, 2021

Choosing Christianity over Christian nationalism
By Amanda Tyler

Recent podcast episodes in 2022:
Flying the flag and Christian nationalism: Previewing Shurtleff v. Boston (Jan. 13, 2022)
Challenging misinformation: How to have productive conversations with friends and family (Dec. 9, 2021)

BJC Podcast Series in 2019: The Dangers of Christian Nationalism
Discussion guide (PDF) to accompany the podcast series (see each individually on this page)

Threat of Christian Nationalism Has Reached High Tide
By Amanda Tyler ( article)

Should American flags be in church sanctuaries? (PDF)
By Brent Walker

Podcast: Race, religious liberty and reconciliation
Discussion with the Rev. Dr. Aidsand Wright-Riggins

BJC’s Tyler: God is larger than any one candidate
News Update by Don Byrd

Video: Elevating an inclusive approach to religious liberty
Conversation at 2019 BJC Dinner

In Christ, there is no Democrat or Republican 
By Amanda Tyler

America is not a Christian nation. And here’s why it matters.
By Rev. Andrew Daugherty (Baptist News Global article)

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