Press Releases

BJC releases statements, commentary and analysis of pressing religious liberty issues to members of the media. Contact Guthrie Graves-Fitzsimmons if you are a member of the media who would like to be added to our distribution list.

BJC scholarship contest expands with video category

BJC's annual Religious Liberty Scholarship Contest returns this year in an expanded format, aiming to creatively engage high school students in church-state issues. Students can submit a video or an essay to enter.

Baptist leader, Rep. Maxwell Frost urge Christians to reject Christian nationalism

Amanda Tyler, executive director of BJC and lead organizer of the Christians Against Christian Nationalism campaign, testified at a congressional hearing on international religious freedom. “The best way we can make a difference is by not adding more fuel to the fire of religious extremism and nationalism. Instead, we should focus on being a role model to the world by ensuring the institutional separation of church and state, which protects all of us,” Tyler said during her testimony.

Religious liberty groups praise districts rejecting public school chaplains

Texas chaplains are leading the fight against “chaplains” replacing counselors in public schools.

Baptist group marks leadership transition

BJC is proud to announce a historic transition of its board leadership. For the first time, the BJC Board of Directors elected a Latina person to serve as chair and a Jewish person to serve as vice chair.

More than 100 Texas Chaplains Urge State School Boards to Keep Chaplains Out of Public Schools

The chaplains issued the call in response to SB 763, which permits school districts to allow faith-based chaplains to serve as counselors in public schools

BJC announces 2023 class of BJC Fellows

Meet the 2023 class of BJC Fellows, our latest cohort of young professionals who are rising to new challenges and defending faith freedom for all in their communities.

BJC comments on 303 Creative LLC v. Elenis decision

BJC affirms the significance of laws like Colorado's and rejects any attempt to portray them as an infringement on religious liberty.

BJC welcomes Supreme Court’s unanimous opinion clarifying religious protections in workplace

"This decision is a victory for religious minorities, who disproportionately claim the need for workplace religious accommodations," said BJC General Counsel Holly Hollman.