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BJC on Kennedy v. Bremerton decision: Students will be subject to religious pressure

BJC says the Kennedy v. Bremerton decision flies in the face of decades of decisions that have allowed students to enjoy their religious freedom rights without fear of school-sponsored religious practices.

BJC blasts Supreme Court decision in Carson v. Makin

"Forcing taxpayers to fund religious education undermines the secular nature of our government and the freedom of religious institutions to engage in ministry without government interference," according to BJC's Holly Hollman.

BJC: Students have the right to be free from government-sponsored prayer in public schools

“Constitutional protections for religious liberty in public schools were on the line today. It was startling to hear the Supreme Court even consider whether public school officials can use their government position to lead religious exercises when this has been a settled question for decades," said Holly Hollman.

BJC reacts to SCOTUS foster care ruling

"The Court's decision does not require religious exemptions in all future cases involving government contracts and nondiscrimination policies. That is a good thing because nondiscrimination provisions often protect religious liberty in government services," said Amanda Tyler.

Religious liberty has been white too long: Voices of Black scholars

On April 14, learn from four experts as they examine ways that white supremacy has impeded our understanding of faith freedom for all.

BJC: Muslim and African travel ban repeal is a ‘victory for faith freedom’

"Repealing the ban is an important step, but it does not undo the damage this policy has done to religious freedom," said BJC Executive Director Amanda Tyler after President Joe Biden repealed the Muslim and African travel ban.

BJC: Religious freedom is protected by city’s enforcement of nondiscrimination provisions in contracts for foster family certification

In Fulton v. Philadelphia, faith-based providers do not have a First Amendment right to demand exemption from government contracting requirement that serves the public interest.

BJC: People may be entitled to damages if religious freedom has been denied

In Tanzin v. Tanvir, a landmark religious freedom law (RFRA) should allow the same remedies as other important civil rights laws.