S3, Ep. 18: Christian nationalism and election season 2022

Learn more about the rules and responsibilities when it comes to houses of worship and campaigns

Jun 2, 2022

It’s an election year, and we’re already seeing high-profile primaries and debates over the role religion plays in elections. In this episode, Amanda and Holly discuss constructive engagement for religious organizations in elections and voting, discussing terms that often get confused – such as “political” and “partisan” – and the important role of religion and religious people when it comes to advocating for policies. They explain the tax benefit that houses of worship and other charitable organizations receive and what that means when it comes to partisan campaigns. Getting involved in elections is one way you can fight back against Christian nationalism, and this episode talks about the legal rules and the rules of thumb when it comes to making your voice heard in the public square. 


Segment 1: What’s the difference between being political and being partisan? (starting at 04:22)

You can contact Amanda and Holly with your thoughts on the show by writing to [email protected].


Segment 2: Understanding the tax rules and steering clear of violations (starting at 16:21)

Holly mentioned IRS guidance for churches that is available online. You can see it at this link.

Amanda mentioned the Pew Research poll that shows a majority of both Republicans and Democrats identify as Christians. You can see the full religious landscape study and results at this link

Holly mentioned BJC’s one-page handout with tips for being an advocate instead of a partisan. You can see that here.

For additional resources from BJC on churches and political campaigns – as well as the “Johnson Amendment” – visit BJConline.org/JohnsonAmendment.


Segment #3: An extreme example (starting at 37:22)

Amanda and Holly mentioned this post on our website: Troubling growth of Christian nationalism on display in the pulpit, on the campaign trail