Protecting the Johnson Amendment

Religious and nonprofit groups are united against any calls to repeal or change the so-called “Johnson Amendment,” which has become shorthand for a part of the tax law that applies to all 501(c)(3) organizations. The law protects houses of worship and other nonprofit organizations from political pressure and additional dangers that come with endorsing and opposing candidates.

This page has information on how people of faith and the nonprofit community are working to keep the Johnson Amendment, and how you can join them.

Resources on the Johnson Amendment

Be ADVOCATEs, not PARTISANs: A guide for campaign season

This one-page guide provides a general overview of the permissible and problematic activities under the Tax Code for 501(c)(3) organizations when it comes to campaigns.

Video: Can churches engage in political activity?

Amanda Tyler shares the rules for churches and other 501(c)(3) organizations who want to maintain that tax status and keep their prophetic voice. Watch it on YouTube.

Podcast: Pastor Stephen Cook and Amanda Tyler

Pastor Stephen Cook discusses his support for the Johnson Amendment and how it protects houses of worship. Released June 19, 2018.

Faith Voices

More than 4,000 faith leaders — clergy and laity from all 50 states — signed a letter to Congress asking to keep the Johnson Amendment. The first version was delivered in August 2017.

Join them by signing the letter at

Hear from them at

Community Not Candidates

Religious and denominational organizations oppose a change in the law and delivered a letter to Congress in April 2017.

Read their letter and learn more:

Contact Jennifer Hawks if your organization wants to join the letter.

Podcast: Amanda Tyler and Tim Delaney

BJC Executive Director Amanda Tyler and Tim Delaney, President and CEO of the National Council of Nonprofits, discuss the Johnson Amendment. Released: Feb. 27, 2018.

Give Voice

More than 5,600 nonprofits have joined together asking to keep the Johnson Amendment.

Read their letter and join them at

Johnson Amendment Key Points

Changing the current law is unnecessary, unwise and unwanted.

This 2-sided printable document offers simple points as to why people of faith overwhelmingly want to keep the Johnson Amendment.  

Religion News Service logo in red type on a white background

Politicize our charities and churches? No, thanks.

This 2017 column by BJC Executive Director Amanda Tyler (published by Religion News Service) shares how the Johnson Amendment protects religious groups and why people of faith want to keep it.