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Report from the Capital is our flagship magazine to help you stay current on religious liberty news.

Fall 2021

BJC is working to build a faith freedom nation, ensuring all perspectives are welcome to engage constructively in the public square, regardless of religious beliefs. In this magazine, get to know our latest BJC Fellows class, hear from Amanda Tyler on how we’re cultivating a faith freedom nation, stand with indigenous neighbors facing the loss of sacred land at Oak Flat, talk to others about the dangers of white Christian nationalism, learn about religious exemptions to vaccine mandates from Holly Hollman, and more.

Digital Flip-Through Edition

Featured articles:
Creating a faith freedom nation, by Amanda Tyler
Religious exemptions to vaccine mandates, by Holly Hollman
The many manifestations of white Christian nationalism
New BJC Fellows develop firm foundations for advocacy
20 years after 9/11: The power of tiny acts to create a moral universe

Summer 2021

See how BJC is working to move faith freedom forward in this edition of Report from the Capital as we continue the work set before us: standing for everyone’s faith freedom and reimagining our work at new intersections, including a continued focus on the connection between religious freedom and racial justice. 

Digital Flip-Through Edition

Featured articles: 
Moving faith freedom forward, by Amanda Tyler
What is going on in the fight over LGBT nondiscrimination and foster care? by Holly Hollman
A fierce call to freedom: Dismantle racism
Black scholars share ways religious freedom has been white too long

Spring 2021

Listen to voices of Black faith freedom in this edition of Report from the Capital, highlighting a series of conversations hosted by Charles Watson Jr. and hearing reactions from our community about the intersection of race and religious liberty.

Digital Flip-Through Edition

Featured articles:
Religious freedom has been white too long, by Amanda Tyler
Religious liberty and the presendential transition, by Holly Hollman
Standing up and speaking out against Christian nationalism