RFTC 2012

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January 2012

January’s edition features the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision  regarding the “ministerial exception,” Brent Walker examination of the definition of the word “secular,” and Holly Hollman’s explanation of the significance of Supreme Court review. 

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February 2012

February’s magazine covers the impact of the Supreme Court’s decision not to hear two prayer cases, which also is examined by BJC General Counsel Holly Hollman. Plus, read guest columnist J. Stanley Lemon’s review of a new book about Roger Williams, titled Decoding Roger Williams, and take a look at the controversy regarding government-mandated contraception coverage. 

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March 2012

March’s edition discusses how the BJC recently joined a diverse coalition of religious groups to ask political candidates to avoid sowing religious discord, and explores whether there is a “war on religion.” This edition follows the latest in the legal battle regarding the Bronx Household of Faith, and gives an update on the contraception coverage controversy. Plus, BJC Executive Director J. Brent Walker discusses the latest political posturing, and BJC General Counsel K. Hollyn Hollman explains the importance of separating issues from political rhetoric.  

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April 2012

April’s edition recaps a survey over the growing unease with the mixing of religion and politics. Plus, BJC Executive Director J. Brent Walker discussed the counter-majoritarian understanding of the Bill of Rights, General Counsel K. Hollyn Hollman’s examination of the debate over the implementation of rules requiring contraception coverage in health insurance plans, and Staff Counsel Nan Futrell’s explanation on some of the guidelines about religious freedom in the workplace. 

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May 2012

May’s magazine examines the critical questions remaining unanswered in the White House’s new guidelines on public/private partnerships, recaps the 2012 Shurden Lectures, and includes the settlement regarding a cross in the Mojave desert. Plus, BJC Executive Director Brent Walker discusses the plans for the BJC’s new Center for Religious Liberty, and discusses how the BJC is working to end religious profiling.

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June 2012

June’s edition includes the Supreme Court’s 2010 decision in Christian Legal Society v. Martinez, which caused strife on some college campuses. Executive Director Brent Walker examination on religion’s role in this year’s presidential election, General Counsel Holly Hollman discusses churches’ rights and responsibilities during political campaigns, and polls that demonstrate what voters know about the religious beliefs of candidates.

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July-August 2012

July-August’s magazine has BJC Executive Director Brent Walker’s reflections on the passing of a great columnist, General Counsel Holly Hollman’s assessment of recent rallies for religious freedom, and includes information about the recent Religious Liberty Council Luncheon. 

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September 2012

September’s issue covers the race for the White House as it takes center stage, BJC Executive Director Brent Walker explanation on how this historic election shows the country is taking the Constitution’s “no religious test” clause seriously, and how both candidates discuss their personal faith in a recent interview. Plus, BJC General Counsel Holly Hollman takes a closer look at some religious liberty issues in various states, and the cover story focuses on a recent issue in Missouri.

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October 2012

October’s edition highlights the opening of the BJC’s Center for Religious Liberty on Capitol Hill. It includes reflections from Brent Walker on the symbolism of some of the Centers features, Holly Hollman on the Center’s connection to collaboration, and photos from the opening night. Plus, the magazine has the winning entry from the 2012 Religious Liberty Essay Scholarship contest and the latest religious liberty news. 

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November – December 2012

November-December’s magazine takes a look back at the year in religious liberty, blogger Don Byrd reviews the top stories of 2012, BJC Executive Director Brent Walker writes about the “war on Christmas” in his column about modeling the virtues of Christmas, and General Counsel Holly Hollman takes a look at the intersection of government interests and religious objections. This edition also has a review of the 2012 election results, and the conclusion of the conflict over the cross in Mojave desert.

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