American flag waving in blue skyWritten by Don Byrd

Yesterday, I posted about the brewing battle over RFRA-like legislation being proposed in Georgia. The North Carolina legislature is also poised to consider a RFRA bill, with a hearing set for January 28. Now we can add Michigan to that list. After failing to pass a bill last session, advocates are preparing to try again in this new session.

MLive reports:

The Michigan Religious Freedom Restoration Act, which made it through the Republican-led House during last year’s lame-duck session but did not reach the governor’s desk, has returned in the Senate.

State Sen. Mike Shirkey, who voted for the original measure as a representative, began the new legislative session by introducing a similar bill in the upper chamber this week.

It’s not immediately clear whether the new RFRA proposal will have any legs, but last year’s House vote suggests it could win enough votes if brought to the floor of the Senate.

You can read the proposed bill, which mirrors federal RFRA legislation, here.