States map 2015 for blog Written by Don Byrd

While the North Carolina legislature is considering a state RFRA bill, Governor Pat McCrory is questioning the need for such a law, though he stopped short of threatening a veto.

The Charlotte Observer reports:

“What is the problem they’re trying to solve?” McCrory said last month on Charlotte’s WFAE. “I haven’t seen it up to this point in time.”

Critics said the bills filed last month would provide legal cover for businesses and individuals who discriminate against gays and lesbians. Supporters say North Carolina needs a law to protect people as they exercise the religious liberty guaranteed in the First Amendment.

Meanwhile, Michigan’s Governor Rick Snyder is vowing to veto a RFRA measure unless the legislature also passes non-discrimination protections.

The Detroit Free-Press reports:

Snyder, who has never said he’ll veto a bill before it even has a hearing, said he wanted to make his position clear in light of the national furor swirling around Indiana since Gov. Mike Pence signed a RFRA bill that many felt would legalize discrimination against the LGBT community.

“Given all the events that are happening in Indiana, I thought it would be good to clarify my position,” he said. “I would veto RFRA legislation in Michigan if it is a standalone piece of legislation.”

You can follow the Michigan legislation (SB 4) and the North Carolina proposal (HB 348) at the State RFRA Bill Tracker.