jefferson longshotWritten by Don Byrd

Hundreds of Liberty University students have signed an open letter to University president, Jerry Falwell, Jr., expressing concern about Falwell’s open embrace of a presidential candidate. Falwell not only endorsed Donald Trump, he hosted him for a campaign speech on campus. For these students at Liberty, which is a Christian university, the alignment of the school with any political campaign is troubling.

While the letter offers a pointed rebuke of Mr. Trump’s campaign, the students’ more impressive sentiment is more broad. They reject the very idea that a particular political candidate or political persuasion has a claim on Christianity.

Here is an excerpt:

While he occasionally clarifies that supporting Trump is not the official position of Liberty University, he knows it is his title of president of the largest Christian university in the world that gives him political credentials.

Associating any politician with Christianity is damaging to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Amen. This election season, we would all do well to remember: One’s political opinions do not require a particular religious perspective; and one’s religious beliefs do not mandate a particular political perspective.

The Wall Street Journal reports on the letter here.