‘The BJC is prepared to strongly defend religious liberty’

Throughout her life, Reba Cobb has learned that religious liberty and separation of church and state are a critical part of Baptist identity. But, it wasn’t until she heard James Dunn speak during seminary that she first learned of the work of the Baptist Joint...

Supreme Court to hear contraceptive mandate, rule on religious rights of corporations

By David Gibson, Religion News Service, with BJC Staff Reports
The Supreme Court announced that it will hear oral arguments March 25 on whether for-profit businesses can be treated like religious entities in a test of the Obama administration’s mandate that employers include free contraception coverage as part of their health plans.

From the January 2014 Report from the Capital

District court rules against clergy tax break

By Bob Allen, Associated Baptist Press, with BJC Staff Reports
A federal judge said that an IRS rule allowing clergy to avoid paying taxes on a part of their income designated as a housing allowance violates the constitutionally mandated separation of church and state.

From the January 2014 Report from the Capital

A Baptist commitment to freedom and evangelism

By Brent Walker, Executive Director
A pastor friend recently asked me to write a short piece on the importance to Baptists of church planting. I agreed to do it, but only in the context of a larger discussion about the relationship between freedom and evangelism.

From the January 2014 Report from the Capital

8 countries on UN Human Rights Council restrict religious freedom

By Brian Pellot, Religion News Service
Eight of the 47 countries that hold seats on the United Nations Human Rights Council imprisoned people in 2013 under laws that restrict religious freedom, according to a new report from Human Rights Without Frontiers International, a nonprofit advocacy organization based in Belgium.

From the January 2014 Report from the Capital