The BJC is key because ‘we need an inclusive voice that seeks to change policy for the betterment of all citizens’

AAldape web photoAlyssa Aldape knows that every gift to the Baptist Joint Committee — no matter the size — counts. “As a grad student on a tight budget, I understand how important it is to see where my money is going, and I can sacrifice one or two coffees a month knowing the money is going to further the work of the BJC,” Aldape said.

While finishing her master of divinity studies at McAfee School of Theology in Atlanta, Georgia, Aldape works as the director of youth ministries at Northside Drive Baptist Church and the Next Generation Missions Assistant at the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship.

Aldape first heard about the BJC from friends who were former interns. She said it was encouraging “to know people my age who truly care about the work the BJC does.” But, it was learning about colonial Baptist preacher John Leland in Dr. Pam Durso’s Baptist heritage class that prompted her to become a monthly donor.

“Leland understood the importance of assuring religious freedom for all people — including those of different faiths. I don’t think we’ve quite reached the point in American society where we are accepting of people of all faiths. Perhaps it is because of fear or lack of information about other religions,” Aldape said.

“Organizations like the BJC are not solely for the protection of Baptists, but founded on the Baptist principle of religious freedom. Groups like the BJC are important because we need an inclusive voice that seeks to change policy for the betterment of all citizens — not just the Baptist ones.”

Aldape encourages her peers and others to become monthly supporters of the BJC. “I know that the money I give monthly helps to further the cause of true religious freedom,” she said.

Make a lasting investment in religious liberty by becoming a monthly donor today. Visit to set up your gift or contact Development Director Taryn Deaton at or 202-544-4226 for assistance.