The BJC ’embraces the diversity of all God’s children while remaining true to their distinctively Baptist Christian voice’

baskin familyBy Cathy and John Baskin of Springfield, Va.

We first learned about the Baptist Joint Committee through Ravensworth Baptist Church. Being in the Washington, D.C. area, we also have the unique opportunity of having enduring relationships with some of the BJC staff. James Dunn and Brent Walker shared interim preaching duties at Ravensworth in the ‘90s. We have been blessed with four inspirational youth leaders who were affiliated with the BJC, and several other staff members have been part of our congregational life. As a result, our family had the opportunity to better understand and become more deeply committed to the work and mission of the BJC.

The BJC continues to be the embodiment of the best of traditional Baptist values: religious liberty for all people and soul freedom for each person. Into the 21st century, the BJC has advocated for First Amendment freedoms in an increasingly pluralistic culture. They have held true to the Founders’ vision of a society where all citizens, whatever their religious identity, are regarded with equal standing by our government and civic institutions. They have done so out of a theological perspective that embraces the diversity of all God’s children while remaining true to their distinctively Baptist Christian voice.

Raising a family in the D.C. area is enriching but financially challenging. While we have given sporadically to the BJC in years past, we wanted to make a stronger commitment, but our resources are limited. The great benefit of giving monthly is that one can give a manageable amount, but the accumulation over a year’s time transforms it into a more substantial gift. Even a small donation, given regularly, can make a difference.

We hope you will join us and make the commitment to sustaining the work of the BJC on a monthly basis. By making use of the automatic donation option, we only had to take action once, instead of fretting with the details repeatedly. Give as you are able, joyfully and consistently. Whatever the amount, it will only increase the witness of this amazing organization that is Baptist in the strongest, truest sense of the word. It is up to you to give what you can; it is up to God to bless your gift and do things with it beyond what you can imagine!

Make a lasting investment in religious liberty by becoming a monthly donor today. Set up your monthly gift online or contact Development Director Taryn Deaton at or 202-544-4226 for assistance.