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The Baptist Joint Committee fights every day to defend and extend religious liberty for all people. Working with coalition partners, the BJC engages in advocacy opposing or supporting legislative initiatives on state and local levels. We also educate the public and lawmakers about the crucial importance of religious liberty and monitor church-state litigation, providing analysis of cases and participating in pressing matters affecting religious freedom.

While we work in the halls of Congress, in federal agencies and in the courts, we depend on you to do your part, too.

Your involvement matters.

At a time when our sensibly centrist voice is often drowned out by those outside the mainstream, we count on you to be the reasonable religious presence in your community. Whatever your sphere of influence, you can help us communicate our belief that genuine religious liberty requires the separation of church and state. By advocating for religious liberty in your community, you serve as an example for others, and you help multiply the impact of our efforts.

This website contains many resources for use as you prepare to meet with your members of Congress and local representatives or write a letter to the editor of a local newspaper. You also have the BJC staff at your disposal. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you think we can help.

Other ways to get involved

Plan a religious liberty celebration or moment of emphasis at your church
You can bring awareness of the importance of religious liberty to your church family by helping to sponsor a “Religious Liberty Day.” We have resources available to help you plan a way to celebrate religious liberty in your worship service or gathering, including hymns, sermon examples, dramatic readings and more.

Bring the BJC to your town
BJC Executive Director Amanda Tyler and other BJC staff members enjoy opportunities to can talk to your community about the importance of our work defending and extending religious liberty for all. Consider bringing a speaker from the BJC to your town. We also encourage our supporters across the country to join together and sponsor a community event at which a BJC staff member will engage the audience in a dialogue about understanding the importance of our “first” freedom.

Support our work financially.

Connect with the BJC
Subscribe to our newsletter and email updates, visit our Facebook page, follow our Tweets, subscribe to our blog’s RSS feed, and make sure you know — and share — the latest news in the world of religious liberty. If you are coming to Washington, D.C., visit us on Capitol Hill! We’d love to host you or your group in our Center for Religious Liberty.

Communicate with your political representatives
We urge you to engage your legislative and executive branch leaders at every level to make sure your voice is heard about issues affecting religious liberty.

Learn More about AdvocacyView a Guide for Lobbying a Member of Congress