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Turns Out a Lot of Christians Are Against Trump's Pro-Christian Agenda

Turns Out a Lot of Christians Are Against Trump’s Pro-Christian Agenda

Vice News / By Leila Ettachfini
Leaders from Christian churches across the country have come together to denounce Christian Nationalists, those who believe that the United States should be dominantly and explicitly Christian in its laws, practices, and citizens.
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The Supreme Court made the Bladensburg Cross a special case. Let’s keep it that way

Religion News Service / By Amanda Tyler
Amanda Tyler writes in an opinion piece about the Supreme Court decision that held that a free-standing, 40-foot cross on government land in Bladensburg, Maryland, did not violate the First Amendment’s “no establishment” clause, reversing the lower court’s ruling
Symposium: Decision does not support new Christian-only monuments

Symposium: Decision does not support new Christian-only monuments

SCOTUSblog / By Holly Hollman
Holly Hollman provides an in-depth analysis of the Supreme Court splintered decision in the cross case.
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Supreme Court says WWI cross can stand on government land

Baptist Standard / By Ken Camp
Holly Hollman comments on the Supreme Court decision allowing a cross honoring World War I veterans to stand on public land.
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the concerted, long-term effort from the political Religious Right to turn our nation in a theocratic, authoritarian direction

NPR / By Tom Gjelten
Our religion correspondent Tom Gjelten sees a growing debate over what religious freedom actually means, and talks to a number of people including Holly Hollman.