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Our videos feature some of our most popular lectures, in-depth discussions of current events and analysis of church-state issues.

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People walking in front of the US Capitol Building

BJC Advocacy Trainings: Make a difference

BJC offers advocacy trainings that equip individuals to be more effective advocates and talk to their lawmakers about religious liberty issues. Hear from participants in one of our events on Capitol Hill, and learn more at
Video cover showing the video podcast group Rabbi David Saperstein, Melissa Rogers, Holly Hollman, and Amanda Tyler

BJC Podcast video: Religious freedom, church-state law and Christian nationalism

In this episode of the BJC Podcast Executive Director Amanda Tyler is joined by Rabbi Ambassador David Saperstein, Melissa Rogers and BJC General Counsel Holly Hollman to look at the challenges to our constitutional commitment to religious liberty for all people.
video thumbnail of Amanda Tyler talking in an office hallway

Amanda Tyler: A Christian against Christian nationalism

BJC Executive Director Amanda Tyler shares the dangers she sees in Christian nationalism, a political ideology that seeks to merge American and Christian identities. Join her and Christians across the country in signing the statement calling out this issue at
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Christians Against Christian Nationalism

Join Christians across the country speaking out against #ChristianNationalism, which is a distortion of our faith and a divisive force in our country. Visit to read the statement and add your name.