Keeping attuned to legal developments: BJC staff Q&A with Don Byrd

Aug 10, 2023

As a researcher and writer at BJC, Don Byrd authors the posts in the “latest news” section of our website. He also provides legal research on important cases for BJC’s legal team. A graduate of the Belmont University College of Law, he earned a graduate degree from the University of PIttsburgh and an undergraduate degree from Belmont. Byrd lives in Nashville, Tenn., and he also teaches music theory at Belmont.

What does faith freedom mean to you?
Faith freedom is a set of interlocking principles that work together to allow people of diverse faith perspectives and beliefs to live as neighbors – peacefully, happily, openly, authentically.


What’s one thing you’ve accomplished at BJC that makes you proud?
I’m most proud of the entire body of writing dating back to 2005 that kept me – and hopefully my readers – attuned to legal developments and their impact on communities.


What have you been reading and listening to lately?
When I can tear myself away from the news, I’m reading Elvis Costello’s autobiography Unfaithful Music & Disappearing Ink and listening to Adeem the Artist.


What’s your favorite BJC quote or saying?
Faith must be voluntary to be vital.


What has been your favorite BJC event during your tenure?
The entire campaign to raise awareness about Christian nationalism and to mobilize as Christians against it has been both inspiring and invigorating.


Who inspires you?
My brother, Kenny. He is a former BJC employee who introduced me to all of these great folks, and he is now an attorney fighting against corporate wrongdoing all over the country. Plus, he also has a sweet jump shot.