cross and clouds
Written by Don Byrd
Associated Baptist Press’ Bob Allen relays a Forum18 report that three Baptist church leaders in Belarus were arrested last month following a police raid on a worship service. Their crime? Officials would not explain the charges, but the house church is affiliated with the Council of Churches Baptists, which “refuses to register with the government as a matter of principle.”

A 2002 religion law bans all religious activity by unregistered groups. . . .

Unregistered religious activity is generally punished under a section of the country’s administrative code intended to curb political extremism. Banned activities include organizing or attending a mass event for public or political interests or protest. Violators are eligible for fines or arrest.

According to the Forum 18 report, the raid was conducted just a few days before Christmas. Police recorded personal information of the attendees and the pastor’s Bible was confiscated.