Written by Don Byrd

Legislation that would require “In God We Trust” to be posted in Florida public schools advanced out of a House subcommittee on a unanimous vote on Tuesday. While some emphasize that the bill would merely introduce the state motto, some warn that the intention of lawmakers seems to be religious and not secular.

The The Tampa Bay Times has more:

“It’s important for our students to realize the civic history of our state, and one portion of that history is the fact that we do trust in God,” said Rep. Ralph Massullo, a Citrus County Republican who is co-sponsoring the measure.

Maggie Garrett, legislative director for Americans United for Separation of Church and State, meanwhile cautioned that lawmakers best think twice about this proposal. For while they profess that it’s about the state motto, their comments say otherwise.

“They know what they’re doing,” Garrett said. “They’re saying it’s important, and we need to trust in God and we need to bring God back. … Those are really religious concepts and ideas, and it’s a religious purpose.”

The bill now moves to the full House Education Committee.

Meanwhile, a similar proposal has been referred to the South Carolina House committee on Education and Public Works.

Stay tuned.