Photos by Kristen Harris-Bridwell
2015 BJC Fellow

During the three days at Colonial Williamsburg, Kristen Harris-Bridwell captured life as a BJC Fellow. Below are a few of her photographs along with descriptions of each moment. The pictures show that the seminar was much more than a series of classroom lectures. It was an opportunity to connect with other supporters of religious liberty and experience history.



1-WilliamsburgFirstLook1One of our first experiences in Colonial Williamsburg was an orientation tour through the historic district. As I had some travel delays and arrived a little later than everyone else, I did not get a chance to absorb much of the local charm and historic sites until we turned this corner featured in the image and started walking down the Duke of Gloucester Street. I was taken aback by the beauty that surrounded us and the attention to detail exhibited by the local re-enactors and in the restored buildings.


3-Sessions in the Room1Here is a shot of our first lecture session of the week, which was led by the one and only Brent Walker. Though one might think we would have become tired of sitting in this room based on the amount of time we spent within it listening to lectures, this is where some of the best moments of the week took place. Many great conversations and revelations occurred and several friendships were sparked in good ol’ “Tidewater A!”



4-GowanPamphlet1Another unique feature of the Fellows experience was the opportunity to listen to and interact with two interpreters of historical figures. The first interpreter to which we had the pleasure of listening played Gowan Pamphlet, an enslaved tavern worker and a pioneering Baptist preacher. The second was a Thomas Jefferson interpreter. Both performances gave us a glimpse into the times that inspired and produced the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights.



8-FellowsWithMeyerson1By far, learning from Professor Michael Meyerson was my favorite part of our time in Colonial Williamsburg. Whether he was eating a meal with us, walking around town, conversing after a session, or giving a lecture, he was filled with energy and bursting with knowledge.