Decorative Scales of Justice in the CourtroomWritten by Don Byrd

On the most recent airing of State of Belief, the radio show of Rev. Welton Gaddy, Baptist Joint Committee Counsel Holly Hollman discussed the Supreme Court’s ruling in Holt v. Hobbs. In that ruling, the Supreme Court upheld an Arkansas’ prisoner’s right to wear a 1/2-inch beard for religious reasons. The Court found unpersuasive the state’s argument that a ban on such beards was necessary for security purposes.

Hollman also discusses other religious freedom issues that may be headed the Supreme Court’s way. Check it out!

On the subject of Holt v. Hobbs, the decision is already making an impact on other cases. The Court today¬†sent a case back down to the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals to reconsider in light of the Holt ruling. That case involves Native American prisoners’ request to maintain long hair in accordance with their religious beliefs. The 11th Circuit previously rejected their suit, claimed religious freedom violations under RLUIPA.