Open House at the new Baptist Joint Committee on Religious LibertyWritten by Don Byrd

As I posted yesterday, the Baptist Joint Committee and a coalition of several other non-profit organizations have joined a project called “Know Your Neighbor.” The purpose is to promote interfaith dialogue and understanding. At a panel discussion on religious pluralism which convened at the White House yesterday, the BJC’s Brent Walker discussed the importance of this initiative.

The Baptist Standard reports:

Participating in a panel discussion during the event, Walker noted much of his time is spent in a “vertical fight” to ensure government remains neutral on religion, neither establishing it nor interfering with its free exercise. However, he emphasized the importance of involvement by people across the country entering “horizontal relationships” that bridge religious divisions.

Christians, he noted, have “theological warrant for taking the step” of getting to know their neighbors and treating them in neighborly ways.

“When we take seriously the gospel of Jesus Christ, it’s not enough just to know a neighbor, but rather to be a neighbor,” he said.

Watch video of yesterday’s event here.

Visit the Know Your Neighbor website and see how you can participate here.