jefferson faceWritten by Don Byrd

In an open letter published in today’s Washington Post, a group of 50 faith and community leaders including the Baptist Joint Committee’s Brent Walker urged American politicians and the American public to live up to traditional American values and reject recent anti-Muslim rhetoric and policy proposals.

Here is an excerpt:

Our religious principles teach us to love and respect each other, and our civic responsibility demands that we take a public stand against this gross injustice happening before our eyes today. Simply, suggestions that a Muslim cannot serve as President or that Muslims should be registered and their mosques closed, are un-American and un-Constitutional. As persons of faith and as Americans, we deeply value our own freedom of religion in this country and the religious freedom of others. It is thus a matter of grave concern to us that the most basic of American precepts is endangered. Good citizens must speak out.

Well said, and there’s more. You can read the entire letter here.