Forcing states to fund religion

The Carson v. Makin case marks the third time in only five years that the Court will consider a case involving a religious claim to participate in a government program that conflicts with a state’s legitimate interest in avoiding the funding of religion.

Religious exemptions to vaccine mandates

Until courts sift through the claims, the impact of vaccine mandates and religious exemptions will depend primarily on decisions made by individuals that promote or undercut the goals of public health and the responsible exercise of religious liberty.

What is going on in the fight over LGBTQ nondiscrimination and foster care?

The Fulton decision was not as sweeping a victory for religious objectors to same-sex marriage as CSS and many of its allies hoped. Nor was the decision as fatal to protections for LGBTQ people as Philadelphia and some of its allies feared. Instead, the Supreme Court resolved the case before it, giving little guidance for future religious freedom conflicts.