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Our FaithFULL Community brings together members of BJC’s monthly giving program. You share a commitment to protecting your neighbors’ faith freedom as you do your own and consistently invest at whatever level fits your budget in the steadfast work of BJC.


Your gift of $15 per month propels the growth of our grassroots advocacy initiatives, such as Christians Against Christian Nationalism, which promote a foundational understanding of faith freedom for all.


Your gift of $30 per month provides individuals and houses of worship with effective resources and training from BJC staff to use their voices in a clarion call for religious liberty in their local communities.


Your $50 per month donation helps equip the next generation of students and young professionals who will advocate for religious liberty. BJC creates unique opportunities for younger supporters, educating and inspiring future religious liberty leaders.


Your financial support of $75 per month opens the door for young adults who will be lawyers, community activists, clergy and other professionals to join the BJC Fellows Program, preparing and ultimately leading others in understanding the importance of faith freedom for all.


Your $100 monthly gift sustains our vital advocacy efforts in the courts, promoting robust protection of both of the First Amendment’s religion clauses – no establishment and free exercise – which are essential to ensuring religious liberty for all.

See BJC’s FaithFULL Community in action as they are combating the rise of Christian nationalism, standing against the targeting of religious minorities, working with promoting racial justice and preserving religious freedom for future generations.  

Religious liberty has long been important to the advocacy of civil rights. Protecting faith freedom for all will take all of us. Join us and become the next member of our FaithFULL Community making a difference.

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Your monthly gift will support the things you care passionately about — combating the rise of Christian nationalism, writing Supreme Court briefs, standing against the targeting of religious minorities, working with Congress, promoting racial justice and preserving religious freedom for future generations.

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Once you set up your monthly gift, there’s no further action required — you can know your charitable giving is in place for years to come.

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You can relax, knowing you are making a difference. You won’t receive monthly acknowledgements, but you will receive an annual contribution statement each January.

Modify at any time

You can always tailor your commitment to meet your budget and priorities. You can adjust your gift at any time with a simple phone call or by visiting a special section of our website just for you.

BJC has proven its commitment to educating young leaders about the importance of religious liberty. Whether it is through internship opportunities, the essay contest, or the BJC Fellows Program, there’s something so valuable about education. BJC makes knowledge, tools, and experience accessible to everyone. This empowers communities and gives them a voice to demand change.

Sabrina Dent
BJC Fellow, Monthly Donor, Board Member

I’m committed to the freedom of conscience for sisters and brothers of all faiths. And, as a seminary graduate learning the deep rich narrative of bap faith, I’m committed to teaching that to younger generations like my youth group that I’m a minister to and teaching them about the importance of religious freedom and soul freedom and how important it is not just as a church but people of all faiths.

Alyssa Aldape
Monthly Donor, BJC Fellow, Board Member

I value BJC’s education and advocacy work they do on behalf of the first freedoms of our country for the religious liberty of all. In my own life, I’m not a minister, I’m not a lawyer, so I engage in conversations with my friends and with my colleagues about ways that Baptists are unique in terms of standing up for religious liberty, and I really value that I can be a part of that with giving to BJC.

Charles Cates
Former Intern, Former Board Member, Monthly Donor

BJC does a great job at bringing the Baptist voice to the table and engaging with other faith bodies to ensure there is both collaboration and respect. As a Jew, I was honored to become the first non-Christian BJC Fellow. I am honored to support the important work of building a nationwide network of religious liberty activists working together for the common good. I believe we are all stronger when we work together.

Sofi Hersher
BJC Fellow, Monthly Donor, Board Member

Being a monthly donor allows me to give a little at a time, knowing it will add up. It allows me to show my support and appreciation for BJC’s work in a way that they can count on. Giving monthly is easy and automatic. I’m proud to know that I’m a part of the advocacy work of BJC that makes a difference in the courts and Congress. I’m particularly grateful for their vocal leadership against the forces of Christian nationalism so needed at this time.

Stephen Reeves
Former Intern, Former Staff Member, Board Member, Monthly Donor

Promoting BJC through my words and actions is very important to me, and that includes giving a monthly donation. I feel it is crucial to help continue BJC’s Legacy of religious liberty advocacy and education by financially supporting BJC Fellows Program and I am thankful for the opportunity to do so.

Sarah Amick
BJC Fellow, Monthly Donor

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