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Robert and Marie Abernethy
Robert and Martha Adams
Alyssa Aldape
Barry and Larie Allen
Courtney Allen
American Baptist Home Mission Society
American Jewish Committee
Americans United for Separation of Church and State
Joy Witek Amick and John Amick
Nancy and Jack Ammerman
Marty and Robin Anderson
Matt and Susan Anderson
Anti-Defamation League
Randall and Ann Ashcraft
Barbara Atchley
Richard and Merilyn Atkins
Joel and Nannette Avery
Ngun Awi
Steve and Pam Aycock
Patricia Ayres
Marilyn Badessa
Ancil Baird
Robert and Ruth Baker
Isam and Katherine Ballenger
Baptist General Association of Virginia
Baptist General Convention of Texas
North American Baptist Conference
Judy Dawn Barking
Hal and Mitzi Bass
Patricia Powell Baynham
James Berry, Jr.
John Bertolatus and Dianne Atkins
Richard and Marie Bidwell
James and Mercer Blackburn
Kent Blevins
David and Eugenia Blomstrom
Robert and Patricia Bloxom
Timothy Tee and Guelia Boddie
Thomas and Beth Ann Boland
Patricia Bolt
Dee Bratcher and Fred Bongiovanni
Gerald and Doris Borchert
Susan Borwick
Stephen Bouchard
Janice Bourne
Bonnie Boyd
Wilber Boykin
Joseph and Marjorie Brake
Richard and Wendy Brake
W. D. Breedlove, III
Rosemary and John Brevard
Sherry Shurden Brewer and Dan Brewer
Huey and Charlotte Bridgman
Charles Brown
Cleon and Iris Brown
Ellen Brown
Kent and Ann Brown
Norma and Lavonn Brown
Robert and Karen Brown
Sandra Brown
Robert Browning
Alan Brownstein
Robert Bruer
Robert and Loven Bruhn
Ross and Lea Ann Brummett
Sigurd and Sara Bryan
David and Claire Buckle
Alan and Vicki Buckner
Virginia Bugg
John and Carolyn Burrell
David and Colleen Burroughs
Gary and Jerrie Burton
Wesley Bylsma
Ralph and Jeanne Byrd
Robert and Joyce Byrd
Caby and Betty Byrne
Ann Calhoun
Shirley Camp
Campbell University School of Divinity
Gary and Sylvia Campbell
Robin Campbell and Marion Rogers Riley
Shirley Campbell
David and Jeanne Canady
Sachiko and Charles Cantrell
Keith Carlson
David English Carmack
Howard and Roy Ann Carney
Dina and Daniel Carro
Diane Case
Charles and Kim Cates
Charlie Cole Chaffin and Sam Chaffin
Greg and Joan Chapman
Orville and Virginia Chapman
Ka’thy Gore Chappell
Vernon and Lois Chartier
Katherine Cheves
Churchnet (Baptist General Convention of Missouri)
Vivian and Michael Clingenpeel
Dorothy Cluff
Reba Cobb
Pat and Janet Cole
ConvenciÓn Bautista Hispana de Texas
David Cooke, Jr.
Cooperative Baptist Fellowship
Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of North Carolina
Lew Cort
Marla Corts
John and Jeanette Cothran
Ned Couey
Thomas Coursen, III
Doug and Carol Cox
Barbara and John Crabbe
Carol and Michael Craighead
Cheryl Crawford
Josephine Cristy
Eleanor Crook
Kenny Crump
Susan and James Crumpler, Jr.
John and Meg Cullar
Catherine Cumbie
James Cumbie
Walter and Linda Cummings
Roberto Cuniberti
Peter and Beth Dahlberg
Eugene Daily
Margie Dalton
Elizabeth and George Daniels
Andrew Daugherty
Carl and Myra Davenport
Charles and Joann Davis
Eva and Cecil Davis, Jr.
John and Leah Davis
Phil Davis
Shuford Davis
Beverly Davison
Daniel and Mary Carol Day
Phoebe Delamarter
Floyd Dennis
Sabrina Dent
Arthur and Sally Dickerson
Victoria and Donald Dixon
Kenneth and Sally Dodgson
Chriss and Harriet Doss
William Benton Downer
Willie and Gloria DuBose
Edna Dunn
Stephen and Annette Dunn
Pam Durso
Martin Dyckman
Marion Dykes
Beth Echols
Jimmy and Sue Edwards
Mark and Elizabeth Edwards
Lloyd and Sue Elder
Heather Entrekin and Peter Stover
Karen Estle
Evelyn Evans
James and Martha Fairfield
Oran and Laura Faris
David Farmer
Bertha Farrar
Deborah Carlton Loftis and David Fauri
Carle and Nancy Felton
Archie and Susan Fendley
Karl and Dana Fickling
Jill and Richard Findlay
Beverly and Wayne Fink
John and Jean Fisk
Ronald Flowers
Keith and Beth Fogg
Scott and Dixie Ford
Susan Ford and Ashley Wiltshire, Jr.
Allison Forkner and Weyman Johnson, Jr.
Gwen Forsline
Tamlin Fortner
Nick Foster
Eula Mae and John Baugh Foundation
Robert and Anne Fowler
Maurine Frost
Bill Fuller and Marilyn Yon
Charles and Cindy Fuller
Caitlyn Cook Furr
Andrew Gardner
Thomas Garrett
Paul and Katherine Gehris
Don and Neita Geilker
Jennie and James Gibson
Mary Ruth Gibson
Alice Cowles Giles
Susan Gillies
Patricia Ingle Gillis
Judith and Thomas Ginn
Andrea and Daniel Glaze
John and Ellen Goan
David Gooch
Stephen and Peggy Gooch
Ed and Peggy Good
Everett and Jane Goodwin
Jeff and Brenda Gorsuch
Herman Green, Jr.
Linda and Wofford Green
David and Kristi Greenfield
Dorothy Griffin
John and Sylvia Grisham
Russell and Arlene Gundlach
Jeffrey Haggray and Shelby Martin Haggray
Barbara Haig
Fred Halbrooks, Jr.
Brian Hall
Catherine Hall
Nancy Hall
Van and Paula Hall
Daniel Hamil
Bill Hamilton and Charliene Hooker
Earl and Johnie Hammond
Michael and Grace Ann Hance
Eunice Hannah
Chesney and Carolyn Hardy
Valerie Hardy
Doug and Lorraine Harrell
Flynn and Anne Harrell
Colin and Faye Harris
Kristen Harris-Bridwell
Ircel Harrison
John and Helen Hastings
Willodean M. Hastings
Bobby and Janet Hawks
Phil and Dorothy Heard
Renee and Edward Heathcott
Boo and Mary Heflin
Jay and Andrea Heflin
Kevin and Angie Heifner
Todd Heifner
Stephen Hemphill
William and Rena Henderson
Joseph Henry
Ruth and Marvin Henry
William Craig Henry
David and Jan Hill
Diane Eubanks Hill
Helen Hill
Jim and Bettie Jo Hill
Susan and Allen Hill
Dave and Andrea Hilliard
Jerry Hissong
Jerry and Darline Hobbs
Clarence and Frances Hobgood
Ralph Hockett
Kenneth and Elizabeth Holden
Ruth and James Holladay
Kent Holland, Jr.
William Hollis
Holly Hollman and Jay Smith
Jo and Harold Hollman
Cynthia Holmes and Al Tretter
Ted Holmes
Parma and Robert Holt
Ann and Sherman Hope
Jim and Karen Hopkins
Perry Hopper
Donald and Jo Ann Horton
Barbara Hoskins
Rose Marie Householder
Glen Howie
Carol and Darrel Huenergardt
Emily Hull McGee and Josh McGee
Barbara Humphrys
Gregory and Priscilla Hunt
Leigh and Timothy Hunt
Tonia and David Hunt
James and Immogene Hutson
Michael and Jacquelyne Ingram
Bob and Ruth Inhoff
Interfaith Alliance
Nancy and James Isaacks, Jr.
Elaine and Robert Jeffcoat
Mary Louise Jenkins
Dwight and Karin Jessup
Carrol and Jo Anne Johnson
Charles Johnson
David Johnson, Jr.
Hershel and Elizabeth Johnson
Jim and Elaine Johnson
Steven Johnson
Margaret Jolly
Brent and Andrea Jones
Cheryl and Walter Jones
Joanna and Bill Jones
Joseph and Frances Jones
Elizabeth Jackson-Jordan and David Jordan
Diane Owen Jordan
Kenton and Mary Keller
Jean Kellogg
Lou Thelen and Ronald Kemp
David and Elizabeth Kennedy
Kathryn and James Kent
Paul and Lyn Kent
Gerald Keown
Tricia Kilgore
Cheryl and Roy Kimble
Richard and Dolores Klinedinst
David Knight
Martin Knox
Isaac Kramnick and Miriam Brody
Joe and Margaret Kutter
Sally and John Lake
James Langley
Paul and Kathleen Lansing
Betty Law
Larry Lawhon
Beth Laxton
Douglas Laycock and Teresa Sullivan
Joseph and Susan Layos
Barbara Leach
Rheanolte and Annie Marie Lebarbour
Gayle Lewis
Marsha and Paul Lewis
Terry Jean Lin
Robert Linder
Thomas Litwiler
Gregory Loewer and Janet Hutchison
James Logan
Jim and Jerene Lowder
John W. Lucey
Cyrell Lynch and Barbara Koll
Barry Lynn
Rodney and Sarah Macias
Jim and Gayle Maloch
David and Mary Malone
Mary Beth and William Mankin
Terry and Joan Maples
James Marchman, III
Marshall Marks, Jr.
Stephen and Constance Marlowe
Jerry and Adell Martin
Phill and Gloria Martin
Robert Masse and Leno Peseyie-Masse
David and Anita Massengill
Charles and Carolyn Massey
Jeffrey and Rebecca Mathis
Louis and Carolyn Mathis
Thomas and Rebecca Horstman May
Simeon May
Layton and Lucas McCann
Kenneth McCarthy
Madison McClendon
Agnes McDonald
Lauren McDuffie
June McEwen
Marie and Julius McKay
Summer McKinnon
Ronald and Dianne McNary
Sandra Measels
Patricia and Roy Medley
Donald and Patsy Meier
Bennye Sims Meredith
Carolyn and Frank Metcalf
Ken and Adrienne Meyers
James Miller
Ministers and Missionaries Benefit Board
Daniel Mochamps
Alisa Monfalcone
Margaret Monroe-Cassel
Roger and Rebecca Moon
Emma Rose Moore
Paul Moore
South Moore
James Patrick Morgan
James and Alfalene Morse
Helen and James Moseley
Clay and Cindy Mulford
Nancy and John Ker Munro, Jr.
George Musacchio
David Al Myers
Jane Naish
National Council of Churches
Perry Newson
Alan and Gail Newton
George Nofer
LeGrande and Cassandra Northcutt
Thomas Nuckols
Alan and Janet Nye
Howard Olive
Dan and Pat Olmetti
Frank Olney
Mary Ann Olson
Lloyd Omdahl
Zane Peyton
Steven and Beth Orlansky
Miriam Hughes Owens
Patricia Parish
Gail Parsons
Emily Patterson
Judy Paulk
Suzii Paynter
Michelle Mallory Peacock and
Chris Peacock
James and Lessie Pearce
Albert Pennybacker
People For the American Way Foundation
Dale Peterson
Lou and and Linda Petrie
Anthony Petty
Charles Petty
Joe and Terri Phelps
Joseph Phillips, Jr.
Roslyn and Wilfred Platt, Jr.
Hoyt and Lora Ponder
Morgan and Peggy Sanderford Ponder
David and Geneva Pope
Nathan Porter
Oliver Porter
Donna Poynor
Genevieve Pratt
Kent and Julie Price
Mary Ann and Clay Price
Progressive National Baptist Convention, Inc.
Ed and Peggy Pruden
Ann Quattlebaum
Myrl Quillen
Michael and Kathy Rainwater
Thomas Rakestraw
Carol and Curtis W. Ramsey-Lucas
Mitch and Missy Randall
Grady and Donna Randle
James and Christina Ratliff
George and Susan Reed
Laura Stephens Reed
Barbara Reid
Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism
Religious Freedom Center of the Newseum Institute
Rachel Revelle
Gus Reyes
Virginia Richardson
Jesse Rincones
Claudine and Jack Robinson
James and Ellen Robinson
Jerry and Linda Robinson
John and Dorothy Robinson
Donese Rogers
Melissa Rogers
Ashlee Ross
Douglas and Elizabeth Roy
Barry and Rosalie Rudert
Ann Rutherford
Mark Rutledge and Betsy Alden
Marsha and Tom Rydberg
Thomas and Mary Lois Sanders
David Saperstein
Jan and William Savell, Jr.
Sam and Betty Anne Schlegel
Clyde and Martha Schneider
Nikki Schofield
Jeannette Scholer
Ray Schooler
Alice and Herb Schutte
Dayle and Darlene Scott
Randall and Barbara Scott
Leroy and June Seat
Robert and Janie Sellers
Donald and Susan Shelley
Jim Shuler
Walter and Kay Shurden
Douglas Siden
Rosanne Silvis
Terry and Karen Simmons
Brent Sjaardema
John and Susan Small
Amanda Smith
Andy Smith, III
Ann Burns Smith
Darleen Smith
Emery and Amelia Smith
Frances Smith
Greg and Sue Smith
Irene Smith
Jason Smith and Myra Houser
Jenny Smith
Layne and Dianne Smith
Truman Smith
Wallace Charles and Elaine Smith
William Smith, Jr.
Lorraine Snell
Anita Snell-Daniels and Lad Daniels
Robert and Mary Sodergren
Gary and Marsha Solomon
Carol and Rufus Spain
Ellen Spampinato
Terry and Steven Sparkman
Margarette Stanfield
Elaine Starrett
Noralee Stephenson
D’Jeanne Stevens
Lila Stevens
Rick Stevenson
Dean and Gail Stewart
Susan Stewart
Wesley Stewart
Frances Stone
Meredith and James Stone
Stephen Stookey
Valerie Storms
Jim and Carolyn Strange
Joanne Strauss
Clarrissa Strickland
Norman and Ann Strickland
Mica Strother and Greg Hale
Elisabeth and George Stuart, Jr.
James Summerville
John and Carol Sundquist
Patricia and William Sutherland
Carol Sutton
Gordon and Edith Swan
Daniel and Susan Swett
Tambi and Paul Swiney
Lynn Tatum
David Terry
Mark and Lucy Thomas
Oliver and Lisa Thomas
James Thomason
Robert and Catherine Annette Thomason
David and Carlynn Thompson
Philip and Marcia Thompson
Donna and William Thurman
Ruth and Bart Tichenor
Elaine and Robert Tiller
Leta and William Tillman, Jr.
Ronald and Charlotte Tonks
Constance Tooze
Amanda Traweek
Kyle and Kaily Tubbs
William and Emily Tuck
Thomas and Carol Tupitza
Walter Alan and Beverly Tuttle
Phyllis Twiss
Amanda Tyler and Robert Behrendt
Anita Tyler
Edward Menger and Megan Ullman
Daniel Unger, Sr.
Robert and Carla Van Dale
Joe and Margaret Vaughan
Robert and Karen Veninga
Steve and Donna Vernon
Sylvia Walbolt
Gary Walker and Erl Piscitelli
Nancy Walker
Naomi Walker
Pauline Wall
Charlotte Ward
Greg and Cheryl Warner
Jeffrey and Susan Warren
Reginald and Lucianne Warren
Carey and Fern Washburn
Philip Watts
Rebecca Waugh
Aubrey Ducker, Jr. and Laurie Weatherford
Guy Webb
Lawrence and Pansy Webb
Charles Weber
Claudia and Kendrick Wells, III
Ellis and Phyllis West
Elmer West
Ross and Martha West
Margie Wheedleton
Clement and Carole White
Robert and Barbara Whitten
Mark and Rebecca Wiggs
William Wildhack, III
Bob Williams
Carole and Henry Williams
James and Susan Williams
Janet Williams
Kenneth and Peggy Williams
Ronald Williams
James and Glenda Williamson
Tim and Lynda Willis
Bobbye and Britton Wood
Estella Worley
Thad Yarbrough
Elaine and Archer Yeatts, III
Tyanna Yonkers
James and Betty June York
Gerald and Gerry Sue Young
Terry Young
Salih Yumlu and Zada Kay

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