Giving a small amount each month ‘absolutely makes a difference’

jorene and terry swift graphicFor Jorene and Terry Swift, giving monthly to the Baptist Joint Committee is a way to keep the BJC’s work constantly in their hearts and minds. It is also a way for them to make a larger financial impact on the organization. “Even though we give a modest amount it can be counted on each month, and over a period of time it adds up — we give more by being monthly donors and it is virtually painless,” they wrote in an email to the BJC.

To those who are hesitant to commit to monthly giving, the Swifts are quick to share their story. “Often we think we cannot give to the organizations we hold dear,” they said, adding that many people assume a small donation will not make an impact. “Giving monthly means you do not have to have a large amount to begin giving and over time it absolutely makes a difference.”

The Swifts first learned about the Baptist Joint Committee in the youth department of their churches during Baptist Training Union on Sunday nights. “We were in awe of the work of the BJC,” they wrote. “We never forgot about it and kept up with its work.” Their dedication was so deep that Jorene joined the BJC staff during a year the Swift family lived in the Washington, D.C., area.

Through their monthly giving, the Swifts help ensure that the BJC’s mission is advanced. “The BJC is respected on Capitol Hill because of its good work and consistent record of standing for religious freedom,” they wrote. “It is a freedom that can only be protected when church and state are separate. The BJC unites Baptists around this freedom that must not be taken for granted. If we follow the work of the BJC, we can be educated citizens who understand that religious freedom for us rests on working to ensure religious freedom for all.”

For anyone considering becoming a monthly donor, the Swifts have a piece of advice. “Try it,” they said. “Begin with a small amount.”

Make a lasting investment in religious liberty by becoming a monthly donor today. Set up your monthly gift online or contact Development Director Taryn Deaton at or 202-544-4226 for assistance.