cross and clouds


In honor of Melissa Rogers at the Religious Liberty Council Luncheon
By Joel and Nannette Avery
Patricia Ayres
Baptist General Convention of Texas
Hal and Mitzi Bass
Broadway Baptist Church, Fort Worth, Texas
Kent and Ann Brown
Reba Cobb
David R. Cook
Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of Arkansas
Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of Georgia
Cooperative Baptist Fellowship Heartland
Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of North Carolina
Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of Oklahoma
The Law Offices of Aubrey H. Ducker, PLC
James and Marilyn Dunn
Pam Durso
First Baptist Church, Decatur, Ga.
Barbara and L. Jack Glasgow Jr.
Kirby and Joan Godsey
Highland Baptist Church, Louisville, Ky.
Highland Hills Baptist Church, Macon, Ga.
Cynthia Holmes
Hope Manifest
James Lamkin and Liz Harris-Lamkin
Logsdon Seminary
David and Anita Massengill
Jackie Baugh Moore
North American Religious Liberty Association
Parkway Baptist Church, Johns Creek, Ga.
Suzii Paynter
Providence Baptist Church, Hendersonville, N.C.
Smoke Rise Baptist Church, Stone Mountain, Ga.
Smyth & Helwys Publishing
Tambi and Paul Swiney
George W. Truett Theological Seminary
Brent and Nancy Walker
Gary Walker
Mark and Rebecca Wiggs
Wilshire Baptist Church, Dallas, Texas

In honor of the BJC staff
By Paula Jean Settle

In honor of Holly Hollman
By G. J. and Kay Tarazi

In honor of John Minott
By John B. Butler

In honor of Guy and Anita Sayles
By Philip and Kelly Belcher

In honor of Walter and Kay Shurden
By Jody and Julie Long

In honor of Robert H. Wainwright
By James E. Cross

In honor of Brent Walker
By Tom and Gail Litwiler
Charles and Diane Bugg

In honor of Charles Watson Jr.
By Pam Durso

In memory of Sellers Aycock Jr.
By Stanley and Johnnie Jo Lott

In memory of Don Dunlap
By Kay Dunlap

In memory of Ralph H. Elliott
By James C. Miller

In memory of Leah Elizabeth Flowers
By Ronald B. Flowers

In memory of George W. Hill
By James C. Miller

In memory of Doyle Holmes
By Lindel S. Bittick

In memory of Richard E. Ice
By Andrew and Beverly Davison
Kathryn A. Palen
Randal D. Ice
Kathy and Kenneth John
Brent and Nancy Walker

In memory of Moncrief (Monty) Jordan
By Diane Jordan

In memory of Frank Martinez
By Joseph Gurrola

In memory of Allen Keith McFarland Jr.
By Barbara Baugh
Texas Baptists Committed
Brent and Nancy Walker

In memory of Sara Rutherford
By Charlotte L. Beltz

In memory of Richard Withers
By Daniel R. Unger Sr.

From the September 2014 Report From the Capital. Click here to read the next article.