Open House at the new Baptist Joint Committee on Religious Liberty


In honor of Alyssa Aldape
By Adam Wright

In honor of Babs Baugh
By Jackie and Kim Moore

In honor of Renee Bennett
By Nikki L. Schofield

In honor of Marjorie and Joe Brake
By Richard and Wendy Brake

In honor of Tom and Ann Caulkins
By Rachel Revelle

In honor of Marilyn Dunn
By Thomas Mullen

In honor of Don and Syd Janney
By James and Elizabeth Harris Lamkin

In honor of Bryce and Madison McClendon
By Michelle McClendon

In honor of June McEwen
By Jim and Lavone Frost
Clark and Pattie Gross

In honor of Lynette and Jim Ranton
By Ray Guy

In honor of Walter and Kay Shurden
By Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Daniel

In honor of Jenny L. Smith
By Ronald Williams

In honor of Jim Strange
By Randall Ashcraft

In honor of Buzz Thomas
By Skip Newman

In honor of Andrew Tonks
By Ron and Charlotte Tonks

In honor of Bill Pitts and Jim Vardaman
By Edward Menger and Megan Ullman

In honor of Ray Vickery
By Stephen E. Gooch

In honor of Don and Carol
By Dr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Ginn

In honor of Brent Walker and Holly Hollman
By Barry and Amanda Howard
Michael Lieberman

In honor of Brent and Nancy Walker
By Ross and Lea Ann Brummett

In honor of Brent Walker
By Jim and Debbie Baucom
Heather Entrekin
Donald E. and Jo Ann Horton
Stephen and Constance Marlowe
Paula Jean Settle
G.J. and Kay Tarazi
Victor Tupitza
Daniel and Melissa Whitehead

In memory of John Binder
By Jean Stromberg
Brent and Nancy Walker

In memory of William R. Brown
By Darla Dee Turlington

In memory of Steve Case
By Pam and Keith Durso
Paul and Tambi Swiney
Brent and Nancy Walker

In memory of James Dunn
By Richard Bidwell
Robert and Joyce Byrd
Mark A. Chancey
Marilyn and Oswin Chrisman
Larry and Kim Coleman
David R. Currie
Andrew Daugherty
Stephen Dunn
Ircel Harrison
Stephen Hemphill
Kenneth and Anne Howe
Matthew K. Johnson
William J. Jones
Marv and Joanna Knox
Alisa Monfalcone
Clay and Ann Price
Mark Ray
Paul and Susan Richardson
Melissa Rogers
Tom and Mary Lois Sanders
Ryan Walker

In memory of Harley D. Hunt
By Mr. and Mrs. David G. Hunt

In memory of James B. Johnson
By Elaine and James B. Johnson, II

In memory of Quentin and Mary Alene Lockwood
By Quentin Lockwood, Jr.

In memory of Rev. and Mrs. Lewis C. McKinney
By Margie and Carroll Wheedleton

In memory of Ira Peak, Jr.
By David R. Currie

In memory of J.T. and Sara Rutherford
By Ann Rutherford

In memory of Marylee Sturgis
By William Benton Downer

In memory of Foy and Mary Louise Valentine
By Stephen E. Gooch

You can honor someone with a gift to the Baptist Joint Committee at any time. Just send a note with your check, or give at and check the box to designate your gift in honor or memory of someone. Contact Taryn Deaton at with any questions.

From the January 2016 Report from the Capital. Click here to read the next story.