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You can honor someone with a gift to the Baptist Joint Committee at any time. Just send a note with your check, or give at and check the box to designate your gift in honor or memory of someone. If you have questions, contact Development Director Taryn Deaton at

In honor of John & Barbara Binder
By Brian Binder

In honor of Carter Allan & Marshall Justice Burton
By Allan Burton

In honor of Andrew S. Chancey
By Mark A. Chancey

In honor of Cherilyn Crowe
By Pam & Keith Durso

In honor of James M. Dunn
By Susan Borwick
By Art Sherwood

In honor of Stan Hastey
By Paula Dempsey

In honor of Jo & Harold Hollman
By Caby and Betty Byrne

In honor of Holly Hollman
By Pam & Keith Durso

In honor of Caroline Krueger
By R. Courtney Krueger

In honor of James & Pat McGlothlin and Report from the Capital
By Leon and Kay Miller

In honor of Robyn Byrd Michalove
By Bob and Ellen Byrd

In honor of Marjorie Vickers Randle
By J. Grady Randle

In honor of Ralph L. & Dorothy Smith
By Frances L. Smith

In honor of Fred & Marie Thompson
By Philip Thompson

In honor of Brent & Nancy Walker
By Ken and Adrienne Meyers

In honor of Curtis Woods
By Kristina W. Brown

In memory of Ardelle Clemons
By Harold Hammett
By David & Barbara McMaster

In memory of Katherine Baird Darmer
By John S. Belew

In memory of Rev. Carols M. Gurrola
By Joseph Gurrola

In memory of J. Oscar Lumpkin
By Lorene H. Lumpkin

In memory of J.T. & Sara Rutherford
By Ann Rutherford

In Memory of Sara Rutherford
By Charlotte L. Beltz

In memory of Ralph Tingley
By Kathleen Tingley

In memory of Sarah Helen Tupitza
By Victor Tupitza

From the September 2012 Report from the Capital. Click here for the next article.