Written by Don Byrd

This week,January 8-15, the Know Your Neighbor campaign – an interfaith effort to foster dialogue and understanding – is promoting a social media initiative encouraging all Americans to strive to be kinder to others across the religious, cultural, and ethnic lines that too often divide us. While many of us are self-evaluating at the first of the year and making resolutions for a better 2018, this initiative invites us all to think about our neighbors in all areas of life. 

You can participate! Here are some ways:

  1. Share Your Resolutions on social media using the #KnowYourNeighbor hashtag. You could share videos, pictures, posts, or relevant news articles. Use #KnowYourNeighbor so that others can find and share your posts.
  2. Share Campaign Content: If you don’t want to create your own content, there are many sample videos, posts, tweets, and memes that you can use. See the campaign page.

  3. Spread the Word: Share this campaign with your networks to encourage community members across the nation to share their ideas on being a better neighbor this coming year.

The idea behind this campaign is important and powerful. We need to recognize the disturbing trends of hate in our communities and resolve to do whatever we can to break down those walls that divide us. See the campaign page for more information and get started sharing your resolutions for knowing your neighbor better in 2018!