Written by Don Byrd

Americans United has filed suit against school officials in Bossier Parish, Louisiana, on behalf of four parents who claims the school district improperly promoted Christianity in violation of their and their children’s religious liberty rights. This filing comes just two months after a separate lawsuit made similar allegations about nearby Webster Parish.

Associated Press reports:

“Although Bossier is home to children from a variety of religious and philosophical backgrounds and is constantly infused with diverse newcomers brought in by Barksdale Air Force Base, school officials throughout the Bossier Parish School System coerce students into religious practices and subject them to unwelcome religious messages and indoctrination,” the lawsuit says. It was filed Wednesday in U.S. District Court in Shreveport by civil rights attorney Bill Quigley and attorneys with Americans United for Separation of Church and State.

The suit says teachers and school officials promote religious clubs and activities at schools. It says some teachers promote their religion in classes, praying aloud and requiring students to memorize prayers. One choir instructor selects mostly Christian songs for performances and has told students “she will not allow the choir to perform in venues other than churches,” according to the lawsuit.

Student athletes, the complaint further alleges, also face significant religious pressure. You can read the complaint here. AU’s blog post announcing the suit is here.