Written by Don Byrd

A new lawsuit filed by a Grand Rapids, Michigan Catholic school claims a provision in the state’s constitution prohibiting government aid to private school violates the religious freedom guarantees of the U.S. Constitution. The complaint follows a court ruling last year halting government funding designed to reimburse non-public schools, including religious schools, for certain state mandates.

 The Detroit News reports:

Immaculate Heart of Mary filed a lawsuit last month against the state because the school is forced by the government to comply with various public health measures but isn’t given state aid to help it meet the mandates. It has asked the state Court of Claims to declare a voter-approved measure unconstitutional because it “forces a religious school to choose between remaining a religious school or become entitled to a public benefit.”

The school goes on to state that the provision represents “anti-Catholic.” Proponents of the measure argue that funding for government mandates as the legislature approved here would open the door to more significant grants, even a “back-door way to get vouchers.”

Stay tuned.