Lead the Conversation

Jun 20, 2019

We want you to meet someone.

She is ready to tackle the tough questions at the heart of ensuring faith freedom for all. She thinks critically. She is determined. She is hopeful. Perhaps she has experienced a setback or disappointment. Maybe she is witnessing a threat to religious freedom or her community has been attacked. Whatever the circumstances, she is ready to lead the conversation in her house of worship, her family gathering, her workplace, her community group, her social media networks.

Who is she? She is everyone because everyone has a part to play. Ensuring faith freedom for all will take all of us. Together, we are up for the challenge.

We are excited to introduce you to BJC’s new look. It captures the immediate relevancy of our work, expresses the excitement and passion of BJC in action, and invites more people to join with us.

BJC has new strategies to cultivate bipartisan legislative leadership on church-state issues on Capitol Hill. We’re preparing to lead an ecumenical nationwide campaign for Christians to combat Christian nationalism. We’re building a trained and equipped BJC Advocacy Team, poised to take action with their members of Congress and other elected officials, as well as to lead conversations in their communities. We’ve got innovative plans to attract the next generation of freedom fighters through new partnerships with colleges and universities.

We cannot move forward without your support.

Will you celebrate and affirm the passion of BJC in action with a gift toward our $500,000 annual campaign? To reach our goal, we need your gift.

BJC is positioned to make a difference at this critical time because of the longtime generous donations of freedom fighters like you. Perhaps you have supported our mission but have never given before or it has been awhile since your last gift.If you give before July 31, 2019, your gift will be tripled by a generous donor up to $50,000. Help us meet this matching gift opportunity by making a gift today.

Now is the moment to give. Thank you!