Minnesota's Pioneer Press reports on Hastings Reverend Brad Brandon, who Sunday decided to endorse a slate of candidates from the pulpit, drawing a complaint to the IRS in the process.

Americans United for Separation of Church and State sent a letter to the IRS on Monday stating "such a blatant violation of our nation's laws cannot be permitted to stand. I urge you to investigate this matter and fully enforce the laws."

Rob Boston, the organization's assistant director of communication, said the issue is not free speech but rather the simple requirements of tax law.

"If a pastor feels strongly about it and wants to be partisan, he can always forgo tax-exempt status. I get the impression a lot of these guys want the lucrative benefits of tax exemption without meeting any of the conditions that come with it," Boston said, adding, "All nonprofits across the country are required to follow this. I don't see why churches alone should be exempt." 

See the Baptist Joint Committee's Brent Walker and K. Hollyn Hollman on why this kind of challenge is such a bad idea.