Mobilizing new generations on TikTok: BJC staff Q&A with Georgia McKee

Jun 23, 2023

As the digital communications associate, Georgia McKee assists BJC’s communications teams with social media and content development, and she manages and runs the TikTok account for Christians Against Christian Nationalism (with the handle @endchristiannationalism). Originally from Frisco, Texas, she earned her undergraduate degree from Belmont University, and she is currently pursuing a Master of Divinity degree at Wake Forest School of Divinity. 


What does faith freedom mean to you?
Faith Freedom for ALL means recognizing that our unique perspective of the world is not the only perspective, nor is it the best perspective. We must all do our part to understand where we get our worldviews so we can be open to new ideas and be good neighbors. An honest storytelling of ourselves and our history is necessary to achieve radical love and faith freedom for all.


What has been your favorite BJC event during your tenure?
Attending the prayer vigil for democracy on the second anniversary of the January 6 attack of the Capitol was incredibly impactful. I was inspired seeing so many faith leaders come together to grieve the state of Christian nationalism, and it gave me hope for a better future and the future of Christian ministry.


What have you been reading, watching and listening to lately?
I’ve been reading The Cross and The Lynching Tree by James Cone, watching “My Name is Pauli Murray,” and listening to Brandi Carlile’s album “In These Silent Days.”


Who inspires you?
Discovering the life and legacy of the Rev. Pauli Murray has been a profound and inspiring experience for me. As a visionary legal and religious figure, Murray blazed trails for gender equality and civil rights, recognizing that justice had to be pursued both in the courtroom and from the pulpit. As someone who aspires to be a Christian minister and justice advocate, Murray’s legacy is a driving force behind my passion for justice. 

“When my brothers try to draw a circle to exclude me, I shall draw a larger circle to include them. Where they speak out for the privileges of a puny group, I shall shout for the rights of all mankind.”
― Pauli Murray


What’s one thing you’ve accomplished at BJC that makes you proud?
I created – and now oversee – the Christians Against Christian Nationalism TikTok account. Within the short span of a few months, it garnered more than 28,000 followers and more than 2 million impressions. I’ve been able to see the immense potential for younger generations to passionately engage with our mission of addressing Christian nationalism, and I am continuously looking for new ways to educate and mobilize the rising generations on this platform.


What’s your favorite BJC quote?
“If Baptists ever lost their concern for religious liberty, they would lose their reason for existence as a distinct people of faith.”
–James M. Dunn