Fighting for others with mutuality and in solidarity: BJC staff Q&A with Janna Louie

Aug 23, 2023

As BJC’s chief of staff, the Rev. Janna Louie serves as the organization’s chief people officer, overseeing programs and BJC’s diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives. She strives to ensure that team members are able to bring their best to BJC’s collective work. A graduate of Vanderbilt University, she earned a Master of Divinity degree from Fuller Theological Seminary. 


What does faith freedom mean to you?
As an American Baptist clergy member in the U.S., faith freedom means fighting for the rights of others with mutuality and in solidarity. Faith freedom is interconnected with many aspects of our humanity and society, so I believe faith freedom means dignifying the humanity of others.

What have you been reading, watching, and listening to lately?

  • Reading: I’m trying to finish Melissa Borja’s Follow the New Way: American Refugee Resettlement Policy and Hmong Religious Change.
  • Watching: The last movie I watched was “Past Lives.”
  • Listening: I’m loving Cory Henry’s “Live At The Piano” album.

Who inspires you?
I am inspired by many unnamed individuals and communities who do not have the privilege to be recognized for their faithful acts of resistance. For these individuals, protest is not a badge of honor, but it is a sacred act of survival. Among these are those who have fled their homelands, yet still persist in hope that our world can change for the better. In my city, they include hospitality workers who are demanding livable wages.

What’s your favorite BJC quote or saying?
To be honest, quotes don’t usually stick with me. However, I appreciate that BJC is an organization that really tries to match action with words that are spoken.

What has been your favorite BJC event during your tenure?
More than any public event, I have enjoyed talking with and learning from different BJC staff members. They have been more than patient with me as I step into this role and are kind enough to share their stories with me!