Written by Don Byrd

The New York State Senate today by a vote of 60-0 passed a bill protecting the right of workers to wear religious attire, including head coverings, to the workplace. Because the House passed the measure previously, the Senate’s action sends the legislation to the Governor for his signature.

The Associated Press report has more details on the background:

The bill that passed the state Senate on Tuesday would clarify state anti-bias rules to prohibit employers from discriminating against workers because of clothing, head coverings or hair styles worn in accordance with their religion.

Supporters say the bill would address situations like one at the Metropolitan Transportation Authority several years ago in which Sikh and Muslim transit workers reported discrimination because of their head coverings.

Senate Bill 4037 adds language to state law prohibiting workplace discrimination on the basis of religion to explicitly include “the wearing of any attire, clothing, or facial hair in accordance with the requirements of his or her religion…”