Written by Don Byrd

Today’s news is filled with coverage of yesterday’s Executive Order, signed by President Trump, addressing issues including the ban on political campaigning by tax-exempt houses of worship. The Baptist Joint Committee has been outspoken in opposing any repeal of the law, sometimes referred to as the “Johnson Amendment.” In a statement following the issuance of the order, the BJC’s executive director Amanda Tyler charged the President’s action showed his interest in politicizing houses of worship.

Here is just some of today’s coverage surrounding the Executive Order that is well worth a read for more information and perspective:

–Religion News Service’s Kimberly Winston writes a helpful Johnson Amendment explainer. Among other things, she addresses the issue of why, if the IRS already does not closely enforce the ban, it still matters.

–Ken Camp of the Baptist Standard notes that the order is drawing criticism from both the right and the left.

–Vox dives into the details surrounding the order and the widespread opposition to the ideas it promotes, both from advocacy groups like the BJC as well as the public.

The Washington Post reports on the President’s announcement with some helpful advocate quotes and perspectives.