James Dunn Legacy Circle

james dunn legacy circle

All who make an estate gift to BJC automatically become members of the James Dunn Legacy Circle.

Planned giving helps us consider what and when to give, as well as how to structure philanthropic contributions to meet our personal financial goals.

“I chose to leave the BJC in our estate plan because the separation of church and state, as explained by the BJC, is an essential corollary of the deeply held theology of Baptists in our dedication to soul freedom.”

James Dunn, 1932-2015
Executive director of the Baptist Joint Committee from 1981-1999

james dunn legacy circle

Donor Story

I know, too, that although my retirement accounts are small, after a long career of dedicated saving, they will be much larger in the future. Given all BJC does educating our community, hosting and traveling to events, advocating for our values with legislators and judges, and proclaiming our commitments in the public square every day, I am thrilled to know that one day I might be able to make a much larger gift to this work than I ever could during my lifetime, simply by living and saving as I am now.

james dunn legacy circle