Rev. Dr. Aidsand Wright-Riggins sits down with BJC’s Amanda Tyler for a conversation about race, religious liberty, and reconciliation, including his experiences seeking racial justice. Their discussion was recorded in March in Shawnee, Kasnsas, while Wright-Riggins was in the area delivering the Shurden Lectures. Don’t miss their discussion on:

3:48: The way to approach the intersection of race and religious liberty, including the conversations that need to take place regarding the legacy of slavery and moving beyond tolerance to recognize the humanity in everyone

9:07: His views on the biggest threats to religious liberty currently, including concerns about troubling legislation being advanced in states known as “Project Blitz”

15:07: The dangers of Christian nationalism and white nationalism

17:44: The importance of a national conversation about reconciliation and reparation

21:16: Serving as the mayor of the town of Collegeville, Pennsylvania, after spending a career in professional ministry

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